Being part of the whole

The quality of good education for students needs much effort beyond the regular class hours. It is absolutely necessary that students need to feel connected with the surrounding where they will flourish, operate and serve in the future. Community involvement is an effective way of understanding the social issues and working with people. Community involvement activities provide students with opportunity to synthesize academic learning with real life situation and contribute to the community development.

Along with the students the University also needs to ensure that it makes significant contributions to the community, society and country; be it by their academic commitments or by engraved policies within to provide funds or resources whenever deemed needed. University of Asia Pacific is vigilant on that note and working accordingly.

Community & UAP Overview

Special considerations during admissions:

3% of total seats are reserved for children of Freedom Fighters and are offered 100% tuition fee waiver. 3% of total seats are reserved for poor but meritorious students from remote underdeveloped regions of Bangladesh and are offered 100% tuition fee waiver.

Additional consideration for financial aids:

VC's special tuition fee waiver (10 to 100%) is dedicated for the poor and meritorious students.

Central Policy