about IEERD

about IEERD

To make an impact in society

It is a greater duty of a university to make positive contribution in the vast body of collective knowledge. It is within the scopes and opportunities of an academic institution to critically observe, analyze, synthesize, speculate and create new knowledge and applications with proper and varied methodologies. UAP upholds that responsibility and wants to create direct impact on the society at large. UAP encourages both the faculty members and students to delve into their chosen fields by incorporating scopes in both within curricular activities and in personal/ collective endeavors by form of providing funds, infrastructural supports and options to test theories in direct practices.



The Institute for Energy, Environment, Research and Development

The Institute for Energy, Environment, Research and Development (IEERD) is established at the University of Asia Pacific as a constituent research and academic institute or center with a separate administrative structure. The purpose of the “Institute” is to keep pace with regional and global research of development and education in energy including clean energy, increasing energy efficiency of equipment and appliances, work on quality of materials, environment, water resources and water management and other related fields at the University.

The aims and objectives of the” Institute” are to undertake and promote research and teaching in the fields of energy with emphasis on new and renewable energy development, energy conservation and energy management, assessing quality of materials, environment, water resources, water management, development and to develop human resources in the relevant fields.

The activities of the “Institute” that are listed in the "Statutes" during its forming phase in 2011 are as follows:

a. To undertake research and teaching on energy related issues and policies, material quality,  environmental issues, water resources and water management issues ;
b. To undertake research for developing technologies based on local materials, resources, increasing and standardization of the material quality ;
c. To advise local industries for conservation of energy and improvement of efficiency and to protect the environment safe and cleaner;
d. To undertake research and studies to protect the water resources and develop the policy for water management considering the issue of using surface water in the related activities;
e. To provide extension courses and training to the engineers and scientists  working in the relevant fields;
f. To provide teaching and research facilities at the post-graduate diploma, diploma and certificate level;
g. To undertake studies and research sponsored by the government and non-government agencies and to provide advisory and consultancy services to them as per UAP rules;
h. To establish and maintain contact with similar organizations both within and outside Bangladesh for promotion of' research, workshop, seminar, research publication  and other activities of the Centre;
i. To publish books, journals, monographs etc.; and
j. To perform such other functions as may be prescribed by the University Authority.

Currently the scope of IEERD‟s field of interest has expanded even further

The head of the “Institute” is the Director designated who is appointed by the Vice Chancellor. Director is appointed on a two year terms from among the Professors/Research Professors of UAP. The administration and management of the” Institute” is vested on the Advisory Council consisting of Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Deans and Head of other departments including representatives from Power and Energy Division of Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources and Planning Commission. To know more about the committees of IEERD Please check the Committes tab




Research overview and IEERD

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Message from the Director

Dr. Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman

Professor and Director, IEERD, UAP

Email: ieerd@uap-bd.edu, rahamanmm-ce@uap-bd.edu.

PABX: +8802-58157091-4 (Ext: 602), Mobile: 01786491678


Trijit Dhar

Administrative Officer

Email: trijit@uap-bd.edu

PABX: +8802-58157091-4 (Ext: 165), Mobile: 01933104590 

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