Department of BS&H

Echoing with the global demands, the Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities has been established to ensure high professionally creative education for aspiring students. The department spans various courses in the natural and social sciences as we all know that a university student’s objective is not only to receive technical and scientific education but also to learn socio-interaction, etiquette, exercise tolerance towards the opinions of the others and as a whole promote the intellectual ability beyond the domain of his/her main study. To equip the students with the wisdom and sensibilities to excel in this new century, the department sets its mission to develop the kind of contemporary minds that will enable them to meet the challenges of a world that is becoming more volatile, complex, diverse and global than ever and also taking its effort to heighten its own and the University’s stature in research and undergraduate education while maintaining its long-standing reputation for excellence in teaching.

An engineering student must not only have a sound basis in the engineering but also should be aware of basic sciences, socio-economic issues of the present world. Therefore, courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Sociology and History are included in the curricula. The courses include PHY-101 (Physics-I), PHY-102 (Physics Sessional), PHY-103 (Physics II), MTH-101 (Mathematics I), MTH-103 (Mathematics II), MTH-201 (Mathematics III), MTH-203 (Mathematics IV), MTH-301 (Probability and Statistics), MTH-173 (Calculus and Solid Geometry), HSS-111(a) (Bangladesh Studies: Society and Culture), HSS-111(b) (Bangladesh Studies: History), HSS-211(a) (Bangladesh Studies: Society and Culture), HSS-211(b) (Bangladesh Studies: History), INS-101(a) (Introduction to Physical Sciences), INS-101(b) (Introduction to Natural Sciences: Biological Sciences), CHEM 111 (Chemistry), CHEM 112 (Chemistry Lab). These courses are designed to give students a rigorous and comprehensive academic training on the fundamental and advanced aspects of modern sciences which are necessary to prepare them as well-trained engineers to meet the needs of the respective profession as practiced all over the world. Through this program students will be equipped with the ethical requirements and technical know-how of the profession to develop their ability to practice as skilled and competent engineers both at home and abroad.

Laboratory Facilities

The Department's greatest resource is the Physics laboratory that offer state-of-the-art facilities. The quality of education is primarily dependent on the quality of the faculty members and the students. But for technical education, especially for Engineering, one more factor greatly influence the quality; i.e., laboratory facilities. So laboratories rich in necessary equipment play a vital role for the improved learning of the students.
The department has always given emphasis to develop laboratory facilities on priority basis. The Physics Laboratory has been set up at the fourth floor of Block – C of the University. The laboratory is self-sufficient and rich in instruments. Already adequate numbers of equipment have been purchased for the laboratory. The Department has plans to purchase more equipment for the laboratory. The department has developed the laboratory phase wise without causing suffering to the students. The lab is also equipped with an updated PC. This full-fledged lab serves the whole UAP students to perform experiments on Physics.


To maintain quality education, the department has pooled highly experienced and accomplished professionals of 09 faculty members including 01 Professor 01 Associate Professor, 02 Assistant Professor and 05 Lecturers. Some faculty members are doing their higher studies in many reputed universities in home and abroad. The department also has part-time faculty members from BUET and other public universities of Bangladesh. UAP students are given the ability to work closely with outstanding faculty at every turn.