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Nandita Saha


Nandita Saha joined UAP in 2014 as a Lecturer. She obtained her B. Sc. in Civil Engineering (securing 2nd position) from UAP in spring 2013, earning Vice Chancellor’s Gold Medal for her outstanding result. During her stay in UAP she was selected in Vice Chancellor List and Dean List for extraordinary results for several times.

She completed her undergraduate thesis on Structural Engineering, on the topic “A comparative study of the analysis and design methods of mat foundation over cohesionless soil”.

She received the MEXT scholarship from Japanese government and pursued her Masters at Osaka University in Japan. She obtained her Masters of Engineering from Osaka University on March 25th, 2019. Her research topic was,” Experimental study on tensile and shear capacity of post installed bonded anchors in concrete with brick chips”.

At present Nandita Saha teaches courses like Design of concrete structure, Design of Prestressed Concrete and Details of construction.

Master of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan, 2019
B. Sc. in Engineering (Civil), UAP, 2013

N. Saha, S. Wardi, S.Takahashi and Y.Sanada “Report on Pullout Test of Post Installed Anchors in Low Strength Concrete with Brick Chips”, Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) conference, Sendai, 2018.

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S. Wardi, N. Saha, S.Takahashi and Y.Sanada ,”Strengthening with Wing Walls for Exterior RC Beam-Column Joint with Straight Anchorage of Beam Longitudinal Rebar”, Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) conference, Sendai, 2018