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Nazia Wahab

Contact: Department of Law and Human Rights

House: 74/A/(9th Floor), Green Road , Farmgate, Dhaka – 1215, Bangladesh

Mobile: +880-2-9127088

Phone : PABX 903

Email   :

Degree: Post Graduate Diploma

University/Institute: Institution of Federalism of the University of Fribourg, University of Fribourg, Switzerland


Degree: Master of Laws (LL.M)

University/Institute: Department of Law, University of Dhaka


Research Monograph: “Justifiability of the Second Generation Human Rights – Problems & Prospects”

Research Advisor : Professor Dr. Borhan Uddin Khan, Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka


Degree: Bachelor of Laws (Hons.)

University/Institute: Department of Law, University of Dhaka

Designation: Lecturer

Institute: University of Asia Pacific

Period: 6th April, 2009 to October, 2012

Course Code:  109: Course Title: Law of Tort


Course Code:  302: Course Title: International Law


Course Code:  404 : Course Title: Law of Evidence and Limitation

I have so far supervised around 50 plus under-graduate

Students at UAP

Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (Citycell) Served as Law Executive under Taxation, Legal and Company affairs Department of Finance Division. Specialization on the company commercial agreements and relevant company affairs, legal opinions on both internal and external issues.


Service Duration: 2nd March, 2008 to 5th April, 2009


Law and Equity in association with Hassan & Associates

Served as In-house Lawyer. Specialization on the property agreement, Deed of Mortgage, Irrevocable Power of Attorney, Tripartite Agreement for Sale etc.


Service Duration: 13th December, 2005 to till 1st January, 2008, (2 years).

My research interest includes Human Rights Law, Humanitarian Law, Government and Politics, Constitutional Law and Environmental Law.



a. “Global Warming: A threat to the world” (2011) UAP Journal of Law published by UAP Centre for Legal Studies, (pp 60-68)


b. “Eve Teasing” (2010) UAP Journal of Law published by UAP Centre for Legal Studies, pp 70-74


c. ‘Women’s Human Rights Issues: Bangladesh Perspective’ (June 28, 2009) LAWASIA (Magazine)


d. Nazia Wahab, “Will Existing Decentralization Process of Bangladesh Demand for Federalism: Bangladesh on It’s Verge for Sustainable   Development”, (Institute of Jurisprudence and International law (Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, 2015),PP 366-371.


e.  Main Author, ‘Women of Bangladesh Struggling against Domestic Violence: Critical Analysis of Existing Legal Framework, Gap and Scopes’, (2017) 1(2) Jagannath University Journal of Law.


f. Main author, “Adulterated Food Induced Female Infertility in Bangladesh: A Hindrance towards Achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs)” (Vol.3, No.3) Journal of Asian and African Social Science and Humanities, PP12-28.


g. Nazia Wahab, Online Shopping and Consumer Rights Protection within Bangladesh: A Review of Current Laws and Regulations (2018) South Asian Law Review Journal, Volume 3






• Co-author: Penal Code 1860 with updated case Reference and Amendments (2013) (Law Book Company, Dhaka, Bangladesh)