Office of International Affairs has been formed to address the needs of the students and academic staff regarding collaborative opportunities at home and abroad.

The formation of the office was triggered by the gap of knowledge regarding the external funding opportunities among the students and the need to revive the existing collaborations at University of Asia Pacific.

A faculty member is appointed as the contact point for facilitating the activities of the office and maintaining the liaison between the University and the external institutions.


Managing and mobilizing the information flow regarding the opportunities of higher education for students in abroad.

  • Meets the needs of International/non-domestic academic affairs
  • Offers support to new and continuing foreign students
  • Maintains and facilitates international collaborations with foreign universities
  • Facilitates international research collaborations and disseminations
  • Facilitates and initiates student/faculty exchange opportunities with foreign universities under established collaborations
  • Organizes training programs/workshops on higher studies abroad
  • Highlights and disseminates funding opportunities for
  • LOCATION:  DSW Unit, UAP Adjunct building.