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Academic Counseling

Academic Counseling


As a promise UAP administration and all the departments maintain attitudes of helpfulness. Academic guidance and counseling are vital and integral part for that supportive environment.


Guidance before and during admission

A student can get assistance from the Admission Office located in the 1st floor of the UAP City campus about the information regarding various departments, payment and fees and other university related issues beside its assigned duty of conducting admission tests. Often they arrange meeting with department officers or Heads if a parent wants to know further about a department


After getting admitted each student is assigned a faculty advisor for assisting in course registration, course selection, academic progress, providing guidance and counseling in all academic related matters. The faculty advisors play a central role for student’s academic counseling by helping with the following issues:

Dates and deadlines

University policies & procedures

Transfer of credits

Academic withdrawals

Letters of permission

Exam policies

Understanding grades and academic records

Registration procedures and suggestion of courses

Withdrawal procedures

Program requirements and prerequisite for courses

Recommendation for further study

Emotional and personal support


Each department maintains formal or informal monitoring systems to find areas where a student may need guidance. All advisors allocate additional time in their schedule for counseling beyond stipulated course times.

Overview | Departmental and central counseling


Before the registration window opens:

Check UAP webpage/ faculty noticeboards for calendar and dates regarding registration

Consult your previous mark sheets and department curriculum to find out which courses need attention


During Registration window

Consult your assigned advisor for your choice of subjects to register for current semester.

Consult with the advisor about the plan of whole 4/5 year program, not just the current semester.

Report your previous result to the advisor

Check the class routine and exam schedules for potential class of classes/ exam

Go to UAP website for online registration

Fill and submit the form with your choice of subjects and inform your advisor accordingly. The Advisor will complete your registration form by sending it to proper authority.

For new students: Please make sure you have registered properly. Admission procedure and registration procedure are separate and maintained by two different offices.


After Registration

If there are complications regarding a course or schedules consult your advisor immediately before the “course drop” option runs out.

Keep your advisor informed about your course of study and seek suggestions whenever you may require one.

If your advisor gives any suggestion regarding your study or want to consult your guardian, do comply.

For all consultations with advisor or any other teachers, book a meeting beforehand at least a day earlier.

What to do during and after registration advising


Course Registration

  • A regular student is normally required to take a minimum of 15 credits and a maximum of 24 credits in a regular semester. The regular period of course registration starts a week before the commencement of semester classes and extends up to two weeks after the semester begins.

For the Second and Subsequent Semester

  • At the end of each semester, the students will be classified into one of the following three categories:

Category 1:

  • Students, who have passed all the courses prescribed for the semester and have no backlog of courses. A student of Category-1 is eligible for registration in all courses prescribed for the next or following semesters.

Category 2:

  • Students, who have earned at least 15 credits in a semester but do not belong to Category 1. These students are advised to take at least one course less in the following semester than those offered for students of Category 1, subject to the condition that, they will register for such backlog courses as prescribed by the respective adviser.

Category 3:

  • Students, who have failed to earn 15 credits in a semester, belong to this category. Students of this category are advised to take at least two courses less in the following semester than those offered for students of Category -1 subject to the registration for a minimum of 15 credits and maximum 24 credit hours. However, they are required to register for such backlog courses as would be prescribed by the adviser. 

UAP Policy and Rules for registration