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A student has to complete 71 courses and earn a total credit of 198 to complete the Bachelor of Architecture degree. On top of that, there is a non-credit special requirement course namely Internship (professional training). The core of the curriculum is design studio courses. There are 10 design courses carrying credits varying from 9 to 15. There are also 17 sessional subjects that include Architectural Graphics, Landscape design, Interior design, etc. There are 36 compulsory Theory Subjects and 8 (out of 16) optional theory subjects. Information regarding the offered courses in each semester is circulated among students during the registration window for the semester. The whole curriculum is based on 5 Program Educational Objectives (PEOs), 7 Program Outcomes (Pos), and various subject streams (clusters) and all the subjects (theory, sessional, and design) follow these PEOs and POs. 

Curriculum Brief

The 71 course subjects offered for B.Arch degree are grouped into 10 streams or cluster for better alignment and overall synchronization towards stated outcomes. In future students will be given more choices in the form of optional subjects in line with these streams. The steams are as follows:    


Design Studio I, Design Studio II, Design Studio III, Design Studio IV, Design Studio V, Design Studio VI, Design Studio VII, Design Studio VIII, Design Studio IX, Design Studio X, Interior design (Sessional), Landscape design (Sessional), Graphic art  

Communications  And  Expressions: 

Computer Skills, Architectural Graphics I, Architectural Graphics II, Seminar 1, Seminar II, Computer Graphics, Cad, Photography, Art and sculpture, Dissertation    

History  Theory  &  Criticism: 

[History] History of Architecture I, History  of Architecture II, History  of Architecture III, History  of, Architecture IV, History of Architecture V, Architecture and Society of Bengal.

[Theory and Criticism] Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Aesthetics and design, Development of ideas, History of Architecture VI: Contemporary 

Building Systems:

Material and Construction workshop, Building & Finish Material, Construction details, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, Building technology, Structure I, Structure II, Structure III, Structure IV, Structure V, Structure VI, Working Drawing I, Working Drawing II,    

Human Settlements And Urbanization:

Basic Planning, Theory of Planning, Rural Planning, Human settlement, Urban design I, Urban design II, Urban Anthropology  


ED I Climate and design, Design in tropic, ED IV environment responsive design, Bioclimatic Design, EDII Visual and sonic, Environmental Psycology  

General Education (GED): 

English I, Physics, English II, Bangladesh Studies, Calculus, Economics, Ecology, Survey Techniques  


Cost estimation, Professional practice, Specification and codes, Construction management, Accounting, Internship, Building types  

Design Supplementary: 

Interior design (Theory), Landscape design (Theory), Conservation 

Course Grouping and Streams