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Support Grants

Support Grants

As visiting renowned examples of architecture directly is an important part of  learning about the abstract notions of architecture like spatial quality, scale and context etc., students are always encouraged to travel and explore beyond the tours and visits organized by the department. To encourage this further, the department has organized various Grants for students mostly (but not limited to) for travelling. Following are the briefs of those Grants. (scroll down)


  • Teachers Endowment for Students of Architecture (TESA)

  • An endowment fund, “Teachers’ Endowment for Students of Architecture, UAP” has been initiated by the faculty members in Fall 2018. Funds for the endowment came from the professional fees that faculty members received for doing different consultation works. Student of the department may avail this grant opportunity for activities like International Internship, International Studio, Workshops and Conferences participation, etc. However the main focus of the fund is to give an opportunity for deserving students to travel and visit architectural sites in Europe.

  • Kazi Nasir Travel Grant

  • "Kazi Nasir Travel Grant” was set  up by architect Kazi Golam Nasir, the immediate Past President of IAB and Chief Architect of the Government of Bangladesh in Fall 2018. The selected students may avail the travel grant to gather first-hand experience of various national and international architectural projects. The primary target for the grant is to enable selected students to participate in international seminars such as Arcasia, which is annually organized in different countries every year. The grant bears travel expenses (mostly within Asia), registration fees etc. wherever applicable. Kazi Golam Nasir is also involved with UAP as a visiting Faculty.

  • Rafiq Azam Travel Bursary

  • Eminent Architect, Principal and Owner of the design practice Shatotto - architecture for green living, Md. Rafiq Azam has been generously providing a travel bursary for students of architecture of different Universities. Though UAP has been involved in the formulation of the idea in 2010, but officially UAP has been included within the list recently in 2018.  In general, this will be awarded to a student completing his or her third year of studies here. The primary purpose of such assistance is to give the students an opportunity to travel across Bangladesh and abroad (as appropriate) to develop understanding of local culture, heritage, climate, context and materials to produce better architecture. This will be in the form of travel costs to and back from destination and subsistence allowance for two weeks. Architect Azam is also involved with UAP as a visiting faculty.

  • Alumni Travel Grant

  • One of the significant involvements of the alumni of Department of Architecture with UAP is the "Alumni Travel Grant". Few generous alumni have declared this Grant for a short time travel to visit the architectural marvels within Bangladesh. This opportunity is limited only to Third year students. Students form groups of two or three and submit their portfolio along with travel plan. The sponsoring alumni and the faculty members select among those proposals and select a winner. After visiting their desired destination they need to make a presentation about their experiences. The last travel grant was awarded by Fahinaz Ferdous, an ex-faculty member of the department.