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Muzharul Islam Archive

Muzharul Islam Archive

The Muzharul Islam Archive was established on the 25 th of Dec-2005. Department of Architecture of The University of Asia Pacific is the host of The Muzharul Islam Archive and custodian of the original drawings of the Architect. The archive maintains and catalogs the drawing and other related materials of Architect Muzharul Islam's work and life.
The drawings donated by Architect Muzharul Islam, electronic version of the drawings and over 150 pictures of his projet are currently at the disposal of the archive. Some of the materials are made available through website titled is maintained by the archive.

The archive provides the facilities of accessing & viewing original drawings of almost 180 projects, to researchers and architect for various references. The main objective of the Archive is to make the works of Ar. Muzharul Islam accessible to the current generation. The archive is continuously working to put up exhibition and publication of the work. As a part of this initiative, Archive have already collaborated with different organisations on international and national level exhibitions. 

Intended future initiatives: 

Improvement of the the current facilities at University of Asia Pacific for the safe keeping of the original drawings.
Capacity building of own infrastructure and manpower to catalogue and preserve the original works.
Digitise all content by scanning the  hand drawn materials and make the digital resources available through website or other medium.
Documentation and publication of the Architects work in print media and in digital media.
Awareness building about the importance of the buildings and safeguarding them from being defaced and damaged.



Overview & Future


Swiss Architecture Museum (SAM), Basel, Switzerland

Arc en Rêve, Centre d’architecture,  in Bordeaux, France

Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM), Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Contributed to the exhibition titled the "Bengal Stream - The Vibrant Architecture Scene of Bangladesh", where a section was dedicated for the archival documents. The exhibition was curated by Niklaus Graber, Andreas Ruby and Viviane Ehrensberger; and produced in cooperation with the Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements, Dhaka 


at Home

Exhibition of original drawings at Charukola, Fine Arts Institute, University of Dhaka.

Exhibition of original drawings at National Archives Building, Agargaon.

Exhibition of Master plans at Institute of Architects, IAB, Agargaon

Exhibition of drawings of Chittagong University at the Department of Architecture, BUET

Exhibition of drawings at North South University.

Regular exhibition during Open Day at UAP (every semester)




Exhibitions: Home & Abroad

Muzharul Islam Archive at UAP is often visited by many architects and students of architecture of different schools. Due to the delicate nature of the original drawings it is only open to the visitors by prior appointment and in the presence of the in charge faculty member. In the list who visited the archive at UAP at different times there are many renowned architects from home and abroad and celebrated institutions art galleries around the world.  individuals and organisations at different times from Bangladesh and from abroad. Some of the important names among them are

William Curtis, renowned architectural Historian and Theoretician.

Members of Jury Panel for CAA student design competition led by Catherine Slessor , Editor of Architectural Review.

Curatorial team from MOMA New York led by Martino Stierli,  The Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design

Curotorial team for Art Summit Dhaka in 2018  and again in 2019 led by Diana Campbell Betancourt, Artistic Director/ Chief Curator

Curatorial team for Swiss Architecture Museum (SAM), led by Niklaus Graber.




Distinguished Visits