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PEO and PO

PEO 1: Take professional standards to new heights by being an exemplary knowledgeable and ethical professional.  

PEO 2: Make innovation, creativity and exchange of ideas the central means to serve the society.  

PEO 3: Demonstrate ability to work efficiently in groups, communicate skillfully and show leadership qualities.   

PEO 4: Be at par with state of the art techniques and technology and most current research and development.  

PEO 5: Take lifelong learning as a motto and pursue and succeed in further education be it personal or institutional 

Program Educational Objectives PEO

The following Program outcomes are expected to be reflected in the knowledge, skills and attitudes of a B. Arch graduate of UAP.   

1. From Idea to Architecture: Students will demonstrate the ability to capture the imagination of the self and the collective consciousness and turn those imaginative ideas in to architectural designs for material embodiment while doing all these by using a set of design skills ranging from core to advanced level.   

2. Architecture as part of a broader context: Students will acquire and demonstrate certain sensitivity towards the fact that: architecture has a meaningful two-way relationship with a larger social, cultural, historical and ethical as well as physical context, global or local, while using methods including critical thinking, precedence studies and interdisciplinary approaches.  

3. Communication (Media and Representation): Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate and express their thoughts and designs through all appropriate channels: be it visual or any other mode, basic or advanced while simultaneously garnering skills to read / interpret the creative / expressive production of others.   

4. Making, Building and Materiality: Students will demonstrate certain sensitivity towards materials and will also demonstrate skills to appropriately use techniques and technologies of making, building and fabrication ranging from traditional to more contemporary digital computational as well of complex systems of building services.  

5. Sustainable Practices: Students will demonstrate keen understanding of vital mutual interdependence and delicate balance among global systems: natural, man-made, ecological or economical and will also demonstrate awareness of contemporary practices towards sustainability.   

6. Research and Continuous Development: Students will demonstrate keen interest in and capacity to conduct outcome oriented research while also demonstrating the attitude to work with communities as part of furthering knowledge and the willingness to share the end products: intellectual as well as physical.   

7. Profession: Students will demonstrate ability to synthesize all knowledge and skills acquired in this program towards a robust professional mindset incorporating awareness of standards and codes, spirit of teamwork and diversity as well as capacity of being a leader in profession. 

Program Outcome PO

PEO and PO