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Arch. Resources

Design Studio  

Design studios are the hall rooms where the Design classes are held. These classes occupy major portion of the architectural education. Each batch has at least nine to maximum fifteen hours of design classes per week. Here the students make large plans and other drawings and make models of buildings. These hall rooms belong exclusively to DoA and are not shared with any other department. The working table for each student is exclusively dedicated and designated to that student for the entire semester. The students are free to use these studio facilities beyond the scheduled class time, i.e. up to 10 pm in the evening provided that they notify the Departmental Admin Office in advance so that the presence of support staff can be arranged. The campus facilities are generally closed on Fridays, however, in Saturdays, even though that too is a holiday, design studios are kept open for the use of the students. 


Jury, Exhibition and Multi-Purpose Hall  

UAP Department of Architecture has a Common multipurpose hall room (open area) with a floor area of more than 1,400 square foot. It is used for Architectural Jury space as well as exhibition space. This hall room is also used for various other purposes such as design discussion, large scale model making, departmental cultural programs, film show, or lecture by visiting guest scholars etc. There is also an additional multipurpose space which is smaller and used for small scale activities.  

Design Studio & Multipurpose Jury Space

Digital Fabrication Lab

The Department of Architecture has established a digital fabrication lab with large scale laser cutting machine. Students can avail the digitally produced multi materal cutting services from this lab with the assistance of the lab manager as well as the previously trained senior students. Other than the model making purpose for design studios, supporting sessionals regarding digital media act as introdutory training for students. 

The students of Architecture also can avail the service of 3d Printing facility from the 3d Printing Lab hosted by the EEE Department.

Computer Lab

Department of Architecture, UAP has a quality computer laboratory containing sufficient numbers of highly configured computers with internet facilities. The number of computers currently available for the students at the computer lab is 30 (thirty). There are two more computers to be used by course teacher and lab in charge. All computers are networked and have internet connection as well as Wi-Fi.  Scanner are provided on demand. There are three printers for the students (1 A4 size, 1 A3 size and 1 A3/A4 combined color printer). There is also a plotter made available to the students which can print unlimited length paper roll with 42 inch width. Plotter and color image print is charged a nominal amount , otherwise all day to day printing can be done for free by the students. The lab remains open 9am to 5pm. However, if the students need to use the lab, it remains open up to 10 in the evening. 

Carpentry and  Sculpture workshop

The Department has necessary hand and power tools for carpentary works as well as proper support for courses such as "Art and Sculpture"

Lab & Workshop Facility

Arch. Resources