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Arch Events

All the activities of department clubs as well as other co-curricular activities are termed as “Arch events”. An event calendar is made with the help of students put find slots for possible event activities. 

As mentioned before that the departmental clubs comprises of all students by default, the task of organizing the events are not only the club leaders' concern, but of all students'. After consulting with the students in many meetings, the Department has come to a custom made solution to distribute the additional activities evenly to all students. Each batch starting from the first year to fifth year first term is assigned to take leadership of different club activities (hence chance to hone leadership capacity). These assignments are as follows:  

Level 1 term 1: main taskforce to small supports like arrange seating, hanging panels, bringing tidbits.     
Level 1 Term 2: organizing weekly movie screening, designing posters etc. 
Level 2 Term 1: Organizing Fresher‟s reception and farewell program. 
Level 2 Term 2: Organizing study trips, Specially Shangshad Bhaban tour. 
Level 3 Term 1: All sports related activity 
Level 3 Term 2: Organizing workshops and lectures and basic preparation for next semester Open day 
Level 4 Term 1: The Open Day, Grand public exhibition to show previous semester works 
Level 4 Term 2: Any grand event involving the whole department, for example: grand Picnic or 2/3 day long study tours. 
Level 5 Term 1: Main advisory role. 
Level 5 Term 2: exempted from any additional duties.

Arch Events and management

Tours: Architecture studies, Heritage Tours, India Tour, Studio specific tours

Supporting design activities: In-house design competitions, Inter-university design competitions participation, International design competitions participations, National Design award and competition participations.

National and International Seminar Participations, Students Jamboree participations

Cultural program: Nobin Boron and farewell program, National day Celebrations

Weekly Film Shows

Photography Exhibition and  Photowalks

Open Day Grand Exhibition, Studio based Exhibitions

Grand Thesis Jury, Jury week session

Lecture series by distinguished guests

Department Sports events

Community activities.

Event Lists

Arch Events