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DBA Clubs

DBA at UAP understands that co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are essential for university life. Here these activities are held under the central body of DSW and various departmental clubs. DSW arranges club fair every semester to familiarize the club activities to the students. Here students get to know about club activities and can enroll into clubs as per their preferences. 

Apart from the central clubs DBA has its own departmental clubs. Under these clubs several workshops, seminars, symposium, debate competitions, photography exhibitions, sports competitions and business fair were held during recent times. 

Name of Club and respective club advisors are: 

1 Business Administration Communication Club (BACC) & Cultural Club 
advisor: Sadia Tangem 

2 Career Development Club & Debating Club 
advisor: Sadia Tangem 

3 Club of Finance & Accounting (CFA)
advisor: Sisili Rahman 

4 Marketing Club
advisor: Tahmeem Siddiqui 

5 Language Club
advisor: Dr. Mahbub Hoque 

6 Social Welfare Club
advisor: Afia Muqtadir 

7 Sports Club
advisor: Imroz Mahmud


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Business Administration Club Overview




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Club Aims and Activies

DBA Clubs