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1. Basketball Club 2. Cricket Club 3. Cultural Club 4. Debating and Public Speaking Club 5. Drama Club 6. English Language Club 7. Entrepreneurship and Career Development Club 8. Film Club 9. Football Club 10. History and Heritage Club 11. Indoor Games Club 12. Literary Club 13. Photography Club 14. Social Awareness Club 15. Youth Engagement and Support Group, UAP
Co and extra-curricular activities help you to hone your life-skills by active participation in different events. While volunteering in the events, you will acquire set of pragmatic knowledge to better deal with different challenging situations. These learnings will, substantially, benefit in your social and professional life. By joining and active engagement in co-curricular activities, you can learn the following top life-skills recommended by all the world famous gurus of self-development:  Goal setting  Teamwork  Sense of responsibility  Time management  Prioritization  Problem solving  Analytical thinking  Commitment  Leadership  Public speaking  Social Relationship and Networking, and many more soft-skills.
DSW organizes Club Fair in the beginning of every semester. Any students can visit the stall of preferred clubs and apply for membership. However, all the clubs ready to welcome you at any time of the year. You are requested to contact any of the members or advisers of the club.
University authority recommends all the students to get involved in at least one club but also suggests not to be member of more than two clubs.
DSW is open from Sunday to Thursday, Time: 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM.