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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Welcome to the the world of computers

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, established in 1996, is thriving forward in disseminating knowledge in this emerging field. Our endeavor is helping to develop skilled human resources not only for this country, but for the whole world. We are proud for our graduates, who are making positive contributions in the field of Computer Science and Engineering both in home and abroad.

making Skilled professional is our promise

Our courses are designed to give students a rigorous and comprehensive academic training on both the fundamental and advanced aspects of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE). It concentrates both on software and hardware aspects. Furthermore, we believe, a student in CSE must not only have a sound basis in the fundamentals of computer but also should be aware of socio-economic problems of the country. 

CSE VIsion

The department of CSE, UAP is striving for pioneer role in ICT through excellence in education, research and development towards preparing graduates as a global leader with quality education, innovative ideas, extra-curricular activities and collaboration between industry and academia. 



CSE Mission

Department of CSE believes in the pursuit of excellence by developing students in creating, applying and imparting knowledge of ICT. Educational curriculum, research and collaboration between academia and industry are given highest priority. CSE, U AP aspires to produce graduates capable of taking leadership on the field of their best interest. We nurture graduates in  

Understanding the basic principles of computational, electronic and modern technologies. 

Promoting creativity by applying their theoretical knowledge in practical problem solving.

Enabling them to communicate ideas clearly and concisely both in written and verbal forms.

Creating awareness about environment, social responsibility, and economic development within the ethical boundaries.

Engaging for further research or professional involvement 




















































































































































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Vision & Mission

To enhance the quality of education even further, the department tries to maintain the following best practices which would help students to strengthen their capabilities:


The Department regularly organizes workshops, seminars and training sessions in collaboration with industry partners such as Samsung R&D, Leads Corporation, KJS Ltd. Japan, JICA, and the like to make the students ready for their profession.


Students do industrial training when they are in third year second semester. Through this training the students are able to learn about the working environment and practical experience of the computer industry. Hopefully, this practice will reduce the gap between academia and industry, and will increase the prospects of jobs for our students.


The Department nurtures students by offering regular competitive programming classes and ensuring their participation in different online and offline programming contests in order to increase their excellence in programming. A legendary personality like Prof. Dr. M. Kaykobad regularly meets our students to encourage them in programming.


The Department has established a high-profile Application and Game Development Laboratory in collaboration with ICT division of Bangladesh government to win the job race in the field of ICT especially in Application and Game Development which is one of the top upcoming multi-million-dollar industries. To avail the job market in VLSI design and fabrication, which is going to be one of the flourishing outsourcing industries in Bangladesh, we provide state of the art tool named “Cadence” which is highly used in this industry.


The Department regularly organizes different national and international level events such as the International Collegiate Programming Contest, ICCIT Conference, Hardware and Software Exhibition, etc. to increase the hands-on experience of the students.


It strives to thrive for ensuring quality education for our students by importing necessary educational equipment both hardware and software and by recruiting highly qualified faculty members on a regular basis.


The Department gives strong emphasis on research activities through conducting biweekly seminar on current research of the faculty members which is also open for the 3rd and 4th year Bachelor and Masters Students. Undergraduate and postgraduate students conduct high quality research under the supervision of the faculty members and regularly publish articles in international journals and conferences. This practice will not only increase the quality publications but also prepare the students for their higher studies.


To make students stress free and increase their social and communication skills, the department regularly arranges various activities like picnics, cultural activities, film and photography exhibitions.


































































































































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Why CSE at UAP
Vision & Mission
Why CSE at UAP

Welcome Note from the Head of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at University of Asia Pacific (UAP), Bangladesh. Computer Science is an exciting, challenging and dynamic discipline which is now widely recognized as an essential source of tools and techniques for advancements in nearly all spheres of human endeavor.


The Department of CSE started its journey in 1996 by offering B.Sc. Engg. in CSE and later on in 2006 added offering graduate program. Currently, the Department has a total of 26 skilled full-time faculty members and 10 adjunct faculty members. Among them, 12 faculty members have Ph.D. degree from different reputed universities.  The Department facilities include state-of-the-art classrooms and lab facilities. We have five outstanding computer programming labs with latest configuration computers and equipment, one dedicated lab for final year student’s project or thesis work, one digital lab, and one industry-standard gaming lab established with the support from ICT Division of Bangladesh Government.


Our CSE at UAP is a research-oriented, student-centered Department. Some of the driving principles and goals of our Department are embodied in our mission and vision statements. As a student in the Department, you will be exposed to high-quality inspirational teaching and learning.  Teaching and learning are informed by industrial needs and practical industrial training is a mandatory course in undergraduate study. You will be provided with opportunities to work on real problems provided by the industry, to be taught by IT professionals and to visit business environments that develop and employ information and communication technologies.


Department provides opportunities to students to enhance their experiences and to develop personally through extracurricular activities such as participating and organizing International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), International Conferences, etc., that promote the building of a variety of both discipline-specific skills but also lifelong transferable skills such as enterprise, collaboration, and communication skills.


We are very proud of our graduates and their accomplishments; they are highly skilled IT professionals who pursue successful careers in a wide range of contexts in the competitive local and global market.


I invite you to visit the rest of our website to find information about our programs, our students’ achievements and activities, our research groups and research activities, and I hope that prospective students will be encouraged to join our Computer Science and Engineering Department.

Dr. Md. Rajibul Islam



















































































































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Department of Computer Science and Engineering: 

  • Current Undergraduate students: 957
  • Current semester first year enrollment: 100
  • Current Full time faculties : 26
  • Current Part time Faculties: 10
  • Per year admission(2 semester): 200
  • No of Laboratories: 8
  • No of Books in Library: 19640
  • No. of department clubs: 8

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