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1. Basketball Club 2. Cricket Club 3. Cultural Club 4. Debating and Public Speaking Club 5. Drama Club 6. English Language Club 7. Entrepreneurship and Career Development Club 8. Film Club 9. Football Club 10. History and Heritage Club 11. Indoor Games Club 12. Literary Club 13. Photography Club 14. Social Awareness Club 15. Youth Engagement and Support Group, UAP
Co and extra-curricular activities help you to hone your life-skills by active participation in different events. While volunteering in the events, you will acquire set of pragmatic knowledge to better deal with different challenging situations. These learning will, substantially, benefit in your social and professional life. By joining and active engagement in co-curricular activities, you can learn the following top life-skills recommended by all the world famous gurus of self-development: #Goal setting #Teamwork #Sense of responsibility #Time management #Prioritization #Problem solving #Analytical thinking #Commitment #Leadership #Public speaking #Social Relationship and Networking, #and many more soft-skills.
DSW organizes Club Fair in the beginning of every semester. Any students can visit the stall of preferred clubs and apply for membership. However, all the clubs ready to welcome you at any time of the year. You are requested to contact any of the members or advisers of the club.
University authority recommends all the students to get involved in at least one club but also suggests not to be member of more than two clubs.
DSW stands for Directorate of Students’ Welfare.
DSW is the meeting point for students of UAP so that they can participate in various co and extra-curricular activities of the University. The primary objective of the DSW is to emphasize the wholeness of the university experience through the synchronized development of body, mind, and spirit. It emphasizes enhancing the student experience through “outside of classroom learning” and through various co-curricular activities. UAP has large numbers of students’ clubs; some are based in the departments which reflect departmental specialization, while there are central clubs that are directly managed by the DSW. Clubs are supervised by advisers, who are faculty members of the UAP and takes a keen interest in the club activities. The central clubs give opportunities to students to discover and hone their true potentials. At DSW, students are able to develop their organizational, management and leadership skills. The club activities often touch the lives of individuals outside the university and help enhance the image of the university before the society and the nation. There are a number of offices and centres under the DSW which are:  Career Services Office  Office of Co-Curricular Activities  Socio Counselling Centre (SCC) and  Office of Alumni Relations
- Organizing career-development related workshops, seminars, and learning sessions - Providing Career Counselling - Internship Placement, Part-time and Full-time Employment - Organising Career Fair and Club Fair - Maintaining Alumni Relations - Supervising all the clubs of UAP - Facilitating club-activities in different occasions - Walk-in intake/crisis intervention - Group, individual, and couples/parental counselling - Referrals to off-campus mental health services - Provide presentations, guest lectures, and workshops on mental health to students, faculty, and staff.
DSW is open from Sunday to Thursday, Time: 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM.
If the ID card is Lost, Please make a GD from nearest Police Station first. Then the student has to submit photocopy of GD, 1 copy PP size Photograph of Student and taka 100/- only to Admission Office for getting new ID card. After that, Students will be given Temporary ID card and money receipt slip. As soon as the New ID card is made, SMS will be sent to the students to collect the ID card by surrendering money receipt copy and Temporary ID card.
Only for ID card, Student has to submit 1 copy PP size Photograph of Student and taka 50/- only to Admission Office for getting new ID card. After that, Students will be given Temporary ID card and money receipt slip. As soon as the New ID card is made, SMS will be sent to the students to collect the ID card by surrendering money receipt copy and Temporary ID card.
Student will communicate to Admission Office and Fill up the complain Sheet provided by respected office. Complain will sent to the Concern department (IT Office). After solving the problem by the concerned office, Students will be notified through SMS.
For Ribbon, taka 40/- Only will be charged. Students need to contact to Admission Office for getting new Ribbon.
Student needs to purchase the new cover from outside because UAP Admission Office is not instructed to sell ID Card Cover.
You have to collect a day pass for one day with paying TK. 50/- at Admission Office.
Visitors firstly need to contact to Admission Office to enter into the campus. They will collect visitor token from Queue token machine. After being called from the concerned counter, he/she will explain the purpose of visit and after verifying the purpose with concerned person, visitors will get visitor ID Card to enter into the University Premises.
Before leaving the university premises, a visitor/graduate must return his/her visitor ID card to the Admission office. And if he/she leaves the University after office hour, then he/she must return the ID card to the security guard and the security guard will return the card to the Admission Office in next working day.
Yes. Guardian must have student’s Registration Number and the name of the department of the student. They also need visitor card from Admission Office to enter into the University premises. In cases, Admission Office may verify the purpose with concerned DAO or student advisors.
Admission Office is situated on the outside of security check-posts to enter UAP Campus. Therefore it is not necessary to enter the campus, neither a visiting ID is required. Currently admission information seekers are not allowed to enter into UAP campus for visiting purpose.
All about Admission procedures at UAP including admission requirements, tuition fees, waiver policies, admission tests, sample questions, test schedules and results are available in our website. You can also call or come directly to UAP Admission Office at the city campus within the working hours. We are ready to satisfy any queries that you have. Click on the "ADMISSION & AID" button on the top for details.
The Admission office is located at the plaza level of UAP City Campus right outside of the security Check-posts. The Contact address is as follows: Admission Office 74/A , Green Road , Dhaka - 1205, Bangladesh Plaza level Telephone: +8802-9126812 PABX: +8802-58157091-4, +8802-58157096 (Ext - 0, 120) FAX:+8802-58157097 Email:,
Yes. Check the Admission requirements for you desired subject to know about eligibility to appear at admission test. There are Sample questions in our website to give you an idea to get prepared.
No. All candidates must appear for Admission tests. However, there is an exception for the LL.B. (Hon's) course. For that course Direct Admission is set for students who have 10 (5 SSC + 5 HSC) in previous two national exams.
Yes. You can also specify your preferences as first choice or second choice etc. However you need to appear respective admission tests if your choices require separate admission tests.
Admission test schedules are generally advertised in local newspapers for the convenience of aspiring applicants. Please keep an eye in newspapers and in social medias during the admission windows for Fall and Spring semester. Admission notice are also updated in our web page regularly.
Yes. check the "Admission & Aid" button on the top row of this web page. You will find a link for applying online. However you must come physically to appear in the admission test.
Please Apply Online first and collect your Admit Card from Admission Office.
No. However each department of UAP take extra care by monitoring and guiding the students when it is a matter of internship and job placement. The DSW office arrange regular events for students to help in their job placement along with the departments. Check the"Career Counselling Service" (Under the Resource > support services tab) as well as pages regarding the departments of you choice.
No. UAP takes extra measure to keep words when a student get admitted. Even if the tuition fees are updated, that will not be applicable for the students who are already admitted within a already said fee structure. Other than the daily operational individual costs for students such as assignments, note preparations, Lab works, Studio works, printing, buying books, study tours etc there are no additional non academic charges or hidden costs.
click "Academic" tab to select your sought department and then go to "People" tab to know more about all the faculty members of that department including the permanent faculty, faculty on leave, the visiting faculty and the academic support staffs.
No. We do not have any provision for Residential accommodation yet. However, there are many students who reside in rented houses in the vicinity of the campus often look for flatmates and also there are some designated "student hostel" type houses for rent per room/seat in the surrounding area. Currently those are the options for living accommodations. UAP is concerned about this and looking forward to solve this problem in near future.
No. We do not have any bus service for regular commuting. However UAP has 2 micro buses which are available for students when any tours/ visits are planned. University also rent buses if a larger capacity is required for such tour/visits.
No. There are no part time undergraduate courses, neither any night shift undergraduate courses. All undergraduate courses at UAP require full time commitment with strict monitoring of attendances and regular assessments.