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IEERD Committees

IEERD Committees


The formation of the Advisory Council  of IEERD is organized in the following manner:


Vice-Chancellor – Chairman

Pro-Vice-Chancellor- Member

Two representatives from Board of Trustees - Members

Deans/Head of all Faculties- Members

2(Two) representatives, 1(one) from Power Division and 1(one) from Energy Division of Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources not below the rank of Joint-Secretary;

One representative from the Planning Commission not below the rank of Joint Chief ;

4(four) Members, one from each discipline such as  Energy, Environment, Development and  Water Resources to be nominated by the Advisory Council from among the professionals working in the related fields;

Two Professors/Research Professors nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.

The Director of the Institute, who shall also act as Member-Secretary to the Advisory Council.

7(Seven) members shall form the quorum for all meetings of the Advisory Council. In absence of the Vice- Chancellor Pro- Vice- Chancellor will preside the meeting.

The terms of office of the nominated members are for two years but they can continue in office till their successors are nominated.

Advisory Council


Scrutiny Committee


The Scrutiny Commiittee of IEERD is structured in the following manner:


Prof. Dr. Kazi Mohiuddin Ahmed, Professor, Dept of EEE

Member Secretary:

Dr. Irin Dewan, Associate Professor and Director of IEERD,


Dr. Shamshad Ahmed 
Associate Professor, Dept. of Business Administration


Dr. Irin Dewan
Associate Professor, Dept. of Pharmacy


Dr. Zakia Ahmad
Associate Professor, Dept. of English


Mr. A.H.M. Zadidul Karim
Associate Professor, Dept. of EEE


Dr. Md. Rajibul Islam
Assistant Professor and Head, Dept. of CSE


Dr. Md. Jihad Miah
Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE


Ms. Zareen Habiba Islam
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Arch.


Mr. Md. Abdur Rahim
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Law & Human Rights


Mr. Md. Anisur Rahman
Assistant Professor of Physics, Dept. of Basic Sciences and Humanities


Scrutiny Committee (SC)

IEERD Working Group is formed based on the recommendations of System Development Facilitation Committee (SDFC) of University of Asia Pacific, in its 31st meeting held on 20 September 2018 (decision # 31.3.1; 31.3.2). 
Since 2018, IEERD Working Group has been playing a pivotal advisory role in developing the external peer review process of the research project grant, guidelines to improve the IEERD funded journal and conference publications, providing guidance to formulate and update forms and procedures for IEERD grants and activities. The IEERD Working Group already met nine times. The first meeting was held on 21 October 2018 and the 9th meeting was held on 22 September 2020. 

List of Members:

1.    Dr. M. Alauddin, Member, Board of Trustees, UAP, Advisor;
2.    Professor Mohiuddin Ahmed Bhuiyan, Department of Pharmacy, UAP;
3.    Professor Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman, Department of Civil Engineering, UAP;
4.    Dr. Mahbubul Haque, Department of Business Administration, UAP;
5.    Professor Dr. Abu Sayeed Mostaque Ahmed, Department of Architecture, UAP (on invitation)
6.    Director, IEERD UAP, ex-officio.

Working Group (WG)