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IEERD Funding & Forms

IEERD Funding & Forms


To promote research, the Institute for Energy, Environment, Research and Development (IEERD) provides funding. IEERD is the institute responsible for disbursement of funding to academicians of various departments of UAP. IEERD has provision for funding of the following research expenditures:

  • Publication charge for publishing research article in reputed journals.

  • Registration fee, transportation and accommodation cost for presenting research outcomes in national and international conference/ symposium/ workshop/ seminar/ meeting.

  • Expenses for conducting Research works at UAP.

  • For funding research projects, which involves significant cost, a faculty or a group of faculties with a valid research proposal can apply to IEERD. For funding these projects, there is no stated floor or ceiling on how much to allocate for each faculty or each department.



Fund Collection procedure

  • To avail funds from IEERD, a faculty has to apply towards the Director of the institute.

  • Upon receiving the application, a scrutinizing committee reviews the proposal carefully.

  • If the application fulfills the expectation, the scrutinizing committee recommends for approval and forwards the application to the advisory committee.

  • Advisory committee makes a final review of the research proposal.

  • If the head and the members of the committee are satisfied, they grant the financial assistance.


Other Funds beside IEERD

  • Apart from IEERD, the university authorities, both at central level and department level are always very cooperative to facilitate researchers, be it in the form of providing fund for purchasing equipment or software or in any other way.

  • Apart from the IEERD fund, other funds, such as development funds can be channeled in cases like the above mentioned case, namely procurement of equipment of software etc.

  • To secure financial assistance for training, seminar or workshop from the departmental facility, the researcher has to apply to the Head of the Department.

  • Upon receiving the application, the Head reviews the research proposal and recommends for approval to the Office of the Registrar.

  • Whenever applicable, the Office of the Registrar makes an evaluation of the proposal and grants the application for funding.

Overview, Procedures & other Funds

Funding Volumes

  • UAP focuses on 3 Qs – Quality Research (QR), Quality Publication (QP) and Quality Conference Paper (QCP) and supports the faculty members through its Institute of Energy, Environment, Research and Development (IEERD) as well as through respective departments. The goal such support is for faculty capacity development in quality teaching,  research and scientific publication. During the year 2018-19 UAP has invested an amount of Taka 3.03 crore for research and development through IEERD and through respective departments 

  • In the fiscal year 2016-17, IEERD had a total budget of taka fifty lac (50,00,000 tk). 

  • In every fiscal year, each faculty can be allotted a maximum budget of BDT 50,000, which can be used for paying the conference registration fees and related expenses. A full-time regular faculty member of UAP can get a maximum total amount of BDT 1,00,000  in a financial year  for bearing the travel cost for presenting research paper in the reputed conference/ symposium/ workshop/ seminar with a cap of BDT 5,000 per night for hotel accommodation. For details of the funding check the Policies of IEERD


Funding Windows

  • Research Projects

    IEERD calls for IEERD Research Grant applications two times a year in line with the UAP academic calendar (Spring and Fall). The call for applications for IEERD Research Grant in the Fall semester is generally scheduled for May and for the spring semester it is generally in February.

  • Conference Registration Fee

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  • Publication Charge

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Funding Volume & Windows