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LLB (Hons.) program


The Program

The Department of Law and Human Rights offers two programs, LLB (Hons.) and LLM (Regular). Both LLB and LLM syllabuses have UGC approval. LLB (Hons.) is a four years degree. At present, for completion of the LLB degree, students have to complete 144 credits. For degree completion, undergraduate students must submit a dissertation to the Department and they have to pass the defense board. The defense board is constituted by both internal and external examiners. The degree offered by the department is also approved by the Bangladesh Bar Council.

In accordance with the direction of the University Grant Commission (UGC), the four years LL.B. (Hons) degree which is offered by Department is divided into eight (8) semesters and each semester contains six (6) courses amounting to eighteen (18) credits.



The curriculum is structure-based and there are no provisions of options for students in taking course loads in a semester. Courses are arranged in a pyramidal scheme from the base level to pivot with a view to creating ready graduates for practical fields. The curriculum contains some interdisciplinary courses which are closely related to legal professions and they focus only on the fundamental aspects of the disciplines not overweighing the core courses (five (5) interdisciplinary courses out of forty-eight (48) courses in total). In order to develop practical skills among graduates, courses of last semester (4th-year 2nd semester) are designed to include teaching and learning in practical environments such as moot court practice and dissertation.


Classes and Assessment

Apart from some courses in the last semester where classes are conducted through practical sessions, most of the classes are conducted through lectures and students work through a combination of lectures, seminar groups, and written assignments. Students receive instruction in the research and writing skills required and are given the opportunity to apply this skill as the course progresses. Assessment strategies are also explicitly mentioned in the Rules and Regulation part of the curriculum. It provides that the total performance of a student in a given course is based on a scheme of continuous assessment, which may be different for theoretical and sessional courses.

LLB (Hons.) program and curriculum

At present, the Department has two syllabi, an Old and a New one; where the New syllabus is an updated one and will replace the Old syllabus eventually when admitted students during the Old syllabus system will graduate. There was a provision for a "Trimester" syllabus, which is now defunct and not in use. The syllabi are given below. Click to download the pdf versions of the courses with brief descriptions.


Updated Courses of LL.B.(Hons.)

Syllabus of LL.B.(Hons.) – (New)

Syllabus of LL.B.(Hons.) – (Old)


Course Details with Learning Outcomes


First Year: 1st Semester

HSS-102 Bangladesh Studies: HistoryLaw-101: Introduction to  Law and Legal System - 3 credits

HSS-102 Bangladesh Studies: Society and Culture  - 3 credits

CST 103 Fundamentals of Computer Science and Information Technology  - 3 credits

Law-104 English For Law  - 3 credits

INS-105 (Biology) Introduction to Natural Sciences

INS-105 (Phy+Chem) Introduction to Natural Sciences  - 3 credits

IR-106 Introduction to International Relations  - 3 credits


First Year: 2nd Semester

Law-107 Jurisprudence and  Legal Theory  - 3 credits

Law-108 Muslim Personal Law  - 3 credits

Law-109 Law of Torts  - 3 credits

Law-110 Hindu and  Christian Personal Law  - 3 credits

Law-111 Government and Politics  - 3 credits

Ecn-112 Fundamentals of Economics  - 3 credits


Second Year: 1st Semester

Law-201 Constitutional Law of Bangladesh  - 3 credits

Law-202 Criminology, Victimology, and  Restorative Justice  - 3 credits

Law-203 Employment Law  - 3 credits

Law-204 Principles of Equity, Law of  Trust and  Specific Relief  - 3 credits

Law-205 Law of Contract  - 3 credits

Law-206 Gender and Development  - 3 credits


Second Year: 2nd Semester

Law-207 Business and Maritime  Law  - 3 credits

Law-208 Law of Transfer of Property and Registration  - 3 credits

Law-209 Land Law  - 3 credits

Law-210 Comparative Law of Succession  - 3 credits

Law-211 Comparative Constitutional Law  - 3 credits

Law-212 Anti Corruption  and Anti Money Laundering Law  - 3 credits


Third Year: 1st Semester

LAW-301    Company and Securities Law  - 3 credits

LAW-302    International Law  - 3 credits

LAW-303    Human Rights and Humanitarian Law  - 3 credits

LAW-304    Fiscal Law  - 3 credits

LAW-305    Intellectual Property Law  - 3 credits

LAW-306    Media and Cyber Law  - 3 credits


(Old System)

Law-337 Company Law  - 3 credits

Law-339 Mercantile Law  - 3 credits

Law-341 Tax Law  - 3 credits

Law-343 Public International Law and Human Rights  - 3 credits


Third Year: 2nd Semester

LAW-307    Administrative Law  - 3 credits

LAW-308    Food, Health, and  other Consumer  Laws  - 3 credits

LAW-309    Law on Banking,  Foreign Exchange and  Investment  - 3 credits

LAW-310    Environmental Law  - 3 credits

LAW-311    Real Estate and Construction Law  - 3 credits

LAW-312    Immigration and  Refugee Law  - 3 credits


(Old System)

Law-345 Legal History of Bangladesh from 1972 to date  - 3 credits

Law-347 Local Government and Administrative Law  - 3 credits

Law-349 Cyber Law and Intellectual Property Law  - 3 credits

Law-351 Real Estate and Construction Laws  - 3 credits


Fourth Year: 1st Semester

LAW-401    Criminal Law of Bangladesh  - 3 credits

LAW-402    Law of Criminal Procedure  - 3 credits

LAW-403    Law of Civil Procedure  - 3 credits

LAW-404    Law of Evidence  and  Limitation  - 3 credits

LAW-405    Legal Research  - 3 credits

LAW-406    Medical and Drug Law  - 3 credits


(Old System)

Law-453 Penal Laws  - 3 credits

Law-455 The Code of Criminal Procedure  - 3 credits

Law-457 The Code of Civil Procedure  - 3 credits

Law-459 Law of Evidence and Limitation  - 3 credits


Fourth Year: 2nd Semester

LAW-407    Dissertation  - 3 credits

LAW-408    Alternative Disputes Resolutions and Legal Aid  - 3 credits

LAW-409    International Trade Law  - 3 credits

LAW-410    Conveyancing,  Drafting, and  Professional Ethics  - 3 credits

LAW-411    Trial and Advocacy Training in Civil Justice  - 3 credits

LAW-412    Trial and Advocacy Training in Criminal Justice  - 3 credits


(Old System)

Law-461 Law of Succession  - 3 credits

Law-463 Conveyancing and Drafting  - 3 credits

Law-465 Advocacy, Workshop (Civil) & Internship in Civil Justice  - 3 credits

Law-467 Advocacy, Workshop (Criminal) & Internship in Criminal Justice  - 3 credits


Total of 144 Credits

Courses and Outlines

LLB (Hons.) program