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  • Introduction

University of Asia Pacific (UAP) was established in 1996 with a vision to enhance the opportunity for higher education in Bangladesh. The University, under the Private University Act 1992, started its operation in 1996 by offering four-year Bachelor Degree Program in Computer Science & Technology and Business Administration only. Now the UAP offers undergraduate program in four disciplines. Its curricula have been approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

UAP is sponsored by the Foundation for Human and Social Development, a non- profitable, non- commercial organization based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The foundation was established in 1995 by a group of eminent educationists, industrialists who share the same visions and social commitments to promote improved and innovative education opportunities to the society. The UAP is the product of such a noble goal.

The study of law will take you to the centre of many of today’s great social and political issues. Law is not something abstract or remote,  it is the way that society, through institutions like Parliament, the courts, and administrative tribunals of many kinds, lays down its rules. Lawyers must be able to understand how the law is made and applied, and how it relates to the daily life of the community and to the needs of individuals.


  • Program Objectives

Law is about the logical application of rules and the precise use and interpretation of language. This is why studying the law will help to teach you to think clearly, to analyze, and to use words carefully and precisely. So a law degree is widely accepted as a good training for later life whether or not your chosen career is the law.


  • Teaching Methods

Students work through a combination of lectures, seminar groups and written assignments. Students receive instruction in the research and writing skills required of a lawyer, and are given the opportunity to apply these skills as the course progresses.

Private study is much more important at university than traditional studies. Learning to use your time to best effect is an important part of your university education.