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Pharmacy Internship

Pharmacy Internship

Pharmaceutical In-Plant training, which is a mandatory part of the B. Pharm. Curriculum, exposes the students to practical applications of education so as to bridge the gap between Industry and University curriculum and upgrade their technical skills. In the Curriculum it is mentioned as a zero credit course with course code as Pharm 407 and course title as Practical Training.  

After completion of the Final exam the outgoing students join different leading Pharmaceutical companies of the country to complete their training.

Due to the good reputation of the quality of UAP students  many national and international companies working in Bangladesh usually offer our students to get this internship opportunity. Following are the names of some of these companies: 

  • Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
  • BeximcoPharma 
  • Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
  • Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd. 
  • ACME Laboratories Ltd. 
  • Aristopharma Ltd. 
  • Opsonin Pharma 
  • Orion Pharma 
  • Beacon Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Ziska Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
  • General Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
  • IbneSina Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Renata Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Apex Pharma Ltd.
  • Desh Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • ACI Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Rangs Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd. etc.

and among multinational companies

  • Sanofi Bangladesh Ltd.
  • Glaxo SmithKline Bangladesh Ltd.
  • Sandoz Ltd.

These companies regularly offer our students the opportunity to complete in-plant training in their world class factories. Every semester, on an average, 80-90 students complete their In-plant training in the above mentioned Pharmaceutical Industries.

Most of the companies offer this training program for the duration of 2 to 4 weeks.  In this period, the students gather practical knowledge and experience regarding the manufacturing process of different dosage forms, In process control procedure, Quality control procedure, Validation process, Packaging technology, Regulatory guidelines and so on. After completion of the training, they get a certificate from the Pharmaceutical Company which bears importance in their Professional life. This is also important to get the certificate of registered pharmacist which is given by Bangladesh Pharmacy Council.