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Pharmacy Resources


The core resources that are provided by the department are its nine spacious air conditioned class rooms complete with modern overhead and multimedia projectors that are connected to computers that have fast internet connections. The best practices in the department of Pharmacy is its atmosphere of professionalism and advance knowledge of the teaching staff in accordance with its state-of-art research facilities that support highly sophisticated studies on drug action. The dedicated faculty members provide maximum effort for improving the quality of teaching to the students. Through sincere communication they ensure that each student receives the right guideline for their studies such as getting the course outlines, teaching materials and other supporting assistance. They also allocate advising time for the students after classes to sit and meet with them for any kind of queries or difficulties concerning their course.


The Laboratories

The Department of Pharmacy is proud of their well equipped teaching and research laboratories. The laboratories are purpose-built and offer the students to carry out practical works, project, and research works. Pharmacy Department has a total of 12 laboratories including a computer laboratory, six undergraduate practical labs, two research labs, two R & D analysis and formulation labs (under developing) and one B. Pharm. Project lab for students’ practical and thesis purpose. There is a store room for chemical and equipments storage and distribution as required by different labs throughout the semester. All the labs are well-resourced with modern and sophisticated scientific instruments with proper documentation maintenance for both of chemicals and instruments log book. All of the instruments are periodically calibrated. SOPs are maintained and strictly followed by students, faculties and lab assistants.

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Laboratories and Resources


The Laboratories


1. Biotechnology Research Laboratory 

2. Organic, Inorganic and  Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory  

3. Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Laboratory  

4. Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory. 

5. Physiology, Pharmacology and Microbiology Laboratory  

6. Computer Laboratory

7. MS Thesis Laboratory 

8. Research & Development (Analysis) Laboratory 

9. Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Laboratory  

10. Research & Development (Formulation) Laboratory 

11. B Pharm Project Laboratory

12. Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology Laboratory  


Few important laboratory machines


Tablet compression machine 

Capsule filling machine 

PCR Machine


FTIR Spectroscopy

UV spectrophotometer 

Dissolution machine 

Disintegration machine 

Overhead stirrer 

Rotary evaporator   

Stability Chamber Machine 


Distillation plan 

Magnetic hot plate with stirrer 

Sieve shaker machine

Laminar Air flow Cabinet 

Gel Electrophoresis 

Column Chamber 

Cantab for Cognitive Tests 

Moisture Analyzer 

Soxhlet water bath 

Solvent Filtration Unit with Pump

Temperature and humidity controlled refrigerator 

Ultrasonicate powersonic 

Micro centrifuge machine 

List of Labs and key Instruments

Pharmacy Resources