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Educational Objectives and Outcomes


Program educational objectives (PEO) are broader statements that describe what students are expected to do in the long run. The PEOs of Department of Pharmacy are as follows: 

PEO 1: To produce pharmacy graduates with strong fundamental concepts and high technical competence in pharmaceutical sciences and technology, who shall be able to use these tools in pharmaceutical industry and/or institutes where ever necessary for success.

PEO 2: To introduce skilled manpower to manage the affairs of hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, community pharmacy services, drug administration and other organizations in drug research, marketing, sales and multidisciplinary approach with highly professional and ethical attitude.

PEO 3: To uplift the research on different fields of pharmacy through generating potential knowledge pools so as to develop newer techniques of formulation, quality control and standardization of drugs.

PEO 4: To encourage the students to participate in life-long learning process for a highly productive career and to relate the concepts of Pharmaceutical Sciences towards serving the cause of the society. 


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


Graduates from the Department of Pharmacy are expected to achieve the following capacities after fullfilling their graduation. These Program Outcomes (PO) of the Department are:

PO1: Fundamental and Applied Knowledge

PO2: Technical Expertise

PO3: Problem Identification and Solving Skills

PO4: Communication Skills

PO5: Professionalism and Ethics

PO6: Leadership and Interpersonal Skills

PO7: Patient Care and Medication Management

PO8: Research and Scientific Knowhow

PO9: Entrepreneurship

PO10: Life Long Learning Skills  


Program Outcomes (PO)

Educational Objectives and Outcomes