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  • Overview

The prime objective of higher education is to create knowledge along with disseminate it to contribute for sustainable development and improvement of society as a whole. It is undeniable fact that research forms the basis of creativity and innovation, which are very critical for sustainable socioeconomic growth and development. Research also makes teaching learning effective and practice oriented.   

  • Research Program 

Since 1996, when UAP launched four years of Pharmacy (B. PharmHons.) program and later one year Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Technology (MS. Pharm Tech) program, the areas of strength of the department are its twelve highly equipped teaching and research laboratories which are complete with up-to-date analytical instruments and machineries for evaluation of various dosage forms, design and manufacture of dosage forms, understanding of microbial disease pathogenesis and transmission, study of bio-chemical and biological studies of potential drug substance of natural origin.  Following are the programs and facilities of the department regarding research activities: 


  • Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology research  

Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology Research Group is conducting the study of different validation methods, different drug delivery systems (like microsphere, pellets, biodegradable implants, self emulsifying drug delivery system-SEDDS, solid dispersion-SD, bilayer drug delivery system, liposomes and noisome drug delivery system), different dosage form like tablet, minitablet, bilayer tablet, compressible capsule etc.,drug formulation, basic quality evaluations of raw, intermediate and finished products, drug delivery, drug release kinetics, protein binding of drugs, mixture design of dosage form and observation of polymeric interaction, crystallization and nano-crystallization, Dissolution and solubility enhancement of poorly soluble drugs by solid dispersion and using hydrophilic carrier,  Biphasic oral solid drug delivery, Liquisolid technique, Self-emulsifying drug delivery and controlled release dosage form technology.  


  • Pharmacology and Biotechnology research  

Biotechnology research lab is one of the most sophisticated labs in the Department of Pharmacy where plasmid DNA isolation, protein synthesis, PCR technology and polymorphism of different genes and other biotechnology related research works are performed.  



  • Phytochemistry and Natural Products research  

This group works to explore the potential of medicinal plants of folklore medicinal uses. Isolation of Bioactive molecule, evaluation of analgesic and anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, antibacterial and antifungal, anticancer, antidiabetic, antidiarrhoeal, diuretic, hepatoprotective, and thrombolytic activity among others. Quantitative analysis of antioxidative components like total amount of phenolics, flavonoids andflavonols are estimated using spectrophotometric method.  



  • Microbiology research 

In another note in microbiology lab, isolation and purification of causative agents of different diseases and determination of resistance pattern of different microorganisms against antibiotics are performed.   



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  • Following are the Specialized Lab program/facilities dedicated for research and learning purpose



  • Biotechnology Research Lab

Biotechnology Research Lab offers the facilities for performing basic and common biotechnology laboratory techniques. It provides hands on experience in the areas of laboratory safety, aseptic techniques, measurements, calculations, preparation of solutions, use of pH meters, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, etc., as well as training in specific biotechnology techniques, including DNA extraction and amplification, Agarose gel electrophoresis and restriction digestion of DNA. It has a Laminar air Flow Cabinet (ESCO) for preparation of biological samples, solutions and reaction mixtures to prevent contamination. For safety and preservation of temperature sensitive reagents and human bloods, Ultra Low Refrigerator (-80°C) (Witeg), Refrigerator (-32°C) (Simens) and Normal Refrigerator (Sharp) are used. Vortex Mixture (Digisysytem), Mini Shaker (IKA), Metabolic Shaker (ZHICHENE) and Micro centrifuge (Hermles) are available in
the laboratory for separation and mixing of biological samples and reaction mixtures. 

For the purpose of DNA amplification, a PCR machine from ESCO Healthcare is provided by which 24 samples can be run at once. The laboratory grants two Electrophoresis Gel Systems (Biometra) for performing Agarose Gel Electrophoresis. For gel imaging and analysis, we have a sophisticated Gel Documentation System supplied from Syngene. In addition, incubation of PCR products for restriction digestion can be done by using temperature and duration controlled -Heating Block. We also have a Nano spectrophotometer (Genova Nano) for measuring the concentration and the purity of DNA samples with great precision and accuracy. Besides, the laboratory is equipped with an Electronic Balance, an Autoclave and a Binocular microscope. The laboratory follows all the regulations governing biological laboratories that dictate the safety procedures and protocols for disposal of hazardous chemicals and biological.



  • Research & Development Formulation Lab

Research & Development Formulation Lab is used for conducting four separate Labs which housed in a single room at 4th floor of UAP City Campus (411). This lab is well equipped with mixture machine, double cone blender, drum mixture, coating pan, compressor, bottle dryer, tablet compress machine (single punch and 8 punch). Each laboratory experiment is designed to provide students the knowledge of basic tablet compression, tablet blending, mixing and drying.



  • Research and Development Analysis Lab

Research and Development Analysis Lab is located at 4th floor (R-409) of the UAP City Campus (R-411). It is designed by epoxy floor, sandwich panel wall, double door entrance-exit and has dehumidifier with HVAC system Pharmaceutical analysis principally deals with analysis of pharmaceutical products. Our laboratory is devoted to the developmental analysis of different drugs, stability testing, determination of impurities, etc. The complex tasks of pharmaceutical development may also include development of new pharmacopoeial methods, stress testing to validate stabilityindicating methods, impurity analysis and identification, herbal material analysis, cleaning validations, degradation tests and stability studies.We are specifically interested in: method development and validation, analysis of marketed pharmaceutical products as well as analysis of prepared dosage forms in the pharmaceutical technology lab. The techniques used are High performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Automatic Titrator and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).



  • Pharmaceutical Technology Research Lab

Pharmaceutical Technology Research Lab, dedicated to thesis students of Master’s program focused on pharmaceutical technology, is accommodated in 4th floor (R-408) of UAP city campus. This exclusive lab is furnished with varied equipments like air compressor machine, coating pan, die punch, dissolution tester, electronic analytical balance, fume cupboard, hot plate, magnetic stirrer, digital over head stirrer, sieve shaker, oven, pH meter, ultrasonicator, vortex mixer, water bath and UVSpectrophotometer. Adequate numbers of glassware and chemical reagents are made available for untroubled conduction of researches on conventional as well as advanced drug delivery system such as micro and nano particles, solid dispersion, SEEDS, Liposomes etc. This Lab enables students to experience with the formulation development and characterization of the developed formulations using various techniques during their thesis in Master’s program.



  • B Pharm Project laboratory

B Pharm Project laboratory is located at 4th floor of the UAP City Campus(R-410). This laboratory is equipped with sufficient machineries and PCs to conduct different types of project works of 4th year students. Adequate numbers of equipment e.g. tablet dissolution and disintegration tester, friability tester, HPLC water purification systems, moisture analyzer and UV spectrophotometer have been used by the undergraduate students for their B. Pharm. project works which mainly comprised of different tablet evaluation tests. In this laboratory, six students can run six different projects at a time.



  • Faculty Research 

Faculty members are motivated and involved in research activities in the field of pharmaceutical technology, biotechnology, phytochemistry and survey based study. All faculty members supervise B. Pharm project works of 4th year 2nd semester students on  various topics including drug formulation and evaluation of the physical parameters of formulated and also marketed finished products. Additionally MS Pharm Tech thesis as well as project students are assigned from professor to assistant professor to conduct their research works.  



  • Student Research 

Interested students can be involved with faculty members to conduct different type of  research works. Specially final year students has a 3.o credit B. Pharm. project course,  they are to conduct lab based research works from the very beginning of final 4th year  2nd semester. They are allocated to supervisors at the beginning of the semester for mentoring of their project works. It is mentionable that interested MS Pharm Tech students who have excellent academic record at B. Pharm can undergo research work here. 



  • Funding opportunities 

Research works require time as well as money also. Research fund is very limited in under developing country like Bangladesh. However, in Department of Pharmacy there are few possibilities for funding a research work.  


Central Research Fund 

To promote research, the Institute for Energy, Environment, Research and Development (IEERD) provides funding. IEERD is a central research and academic institute responsible for disbursement of funding to academicians of various departments of UAP.IEERD has provision for funding of the following research expenditures: 
Publication charge for publishing research article in reputed journals. 
Registration fee, transportation and accommodation cost for presenting research outcomes in national and international conference/symposium/workshop/seminar/meeting. 

Expenses for conducting Research works at UAP.  

In every fiscal year, each faculty is allotted a maximum budget of taka forty thousand, which can be used for paying the aforementioned expenses. It is the responsibility of IEERD to cater to the fund requirements of UAP for carrying out research works. In the fiscal year (2016-17), IEERD had a total budget of 50,00,000 taka. For funding research projects, which involves significant cost, a faculty or a group of faculties with a valid research proposal can apply to IEERD. For funding these projects, there is no stated floor or ceiling on how much to allocate for each faculty or each department.  


Departmental Research Fund and external sources 

For undergraduate and post graduate research of students, their own contribution has significant role. The raw materials, chemicals and instrumental support are provided to the department by central authority. Additionally if any faculty member interested to pursue research works they can get all types of support from university authority.  

Moreover, Department of Pharmacy has institutional approach to explore the possibility of corporate funding through university- industry research collaboration and from different international and national funds.