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Classrooms at UAP:


UAP puts ample focus on developing its classroom and lab facilities with necessary modern equipment. About the classrooms UAP maintains a unique policy by making every classroom available for all departments so that a sense of cohesiveness and communal atmosphere is maintained within varied departments. The classrooms are also varied in sizes accommodating 30 to 60 students. In every semester the classroom slots are allocated centrally to each department according to their requisition.  The rest of the classes are kept free to fulfill additional or temporary requirements of each department whenever they need one. This unique system allows the students and faculties from one department to interact with students from other departments and to create a sense of oneness. The class rooms are air conditioned and equipped with computer, multimedia projector, Sound system (fixed or on demand), Wi-Fi etc.


In contrast to the Classrooms, the Lab and workshop facilities are kept unique to the individual departments and thus help to create the general identity of each department. As the classrooms are taken care of by the central authority, departments can put their undivided focuses on lab developments. University has allocated ample budget and encourage departments to equip the lab/workshops with state of the art equipment and facilities. The labs are pivotal part to ensure UAP’s commitment of combining theory with practical hand-on learning. In cases the departments can share their resources.



List of Labs/workshops (All Departments)


Department of Architecture

  • Design Studios (see specialized resources)
  • Computer Lab
  • Carpentry Workshop
  • Resource room for Digital Fabrication

Department of Business Administration

  • Computer Lab

Department of Civil Engineering

  • Strength of Materials Laboratory
  • Engineering Materials Laboratory
  • Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Transportation Engineering Laboratory
  • Hydraulics Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

  • Programming Lab I
  • Programming Lab II-cum-VLSI Lab
  • Programming Lab III
  • Programming Lab IV
  • Programming Lab V
  • Digital Lab
  • Circuit Lab I & II
  • Project Lab
  • Machine lab
  • Physics Lab

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Electrical Machine Laboratory I and II
  • Computer Laboratories
  • Electrical Circuit Laboratory I and II
  • Electronics Lab-I and DLD Lab
  • Control System Lab, Measurement Lab and Biomedical Lab
  • Simulation Laboratory for VLSI, Digital Signal Processing and Numerical Analysis
  • Microwave communication and Measurement Lab
  • Power Electronics and Microprocessor Lab

Department of Law & Human Rights

  • Moot Court (See Specialized resources)
  • Computer Lab

Department of Pharmacy

  • Biotechnology Research Laboratory
  • Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory
  • Physiology, Pharmacology and Microbiology Laboratory
  • Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Laboratory
  • Organic, Inorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology Laboratory
  • Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Laboratory
  • Research & Development (Formulation) Laboratory
  • Research & Development (Analysis) Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical Technology Research Laboratory
  • B Pharm Project Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • MS Thesis Laboratory

Department of English

  • Computer Lab (on process)
  • Language Lab (on process)

Department of Basic Science and Humanities

  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab