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UAP recognizes that keeping a sound mental health along with a fit body is mandatory for being in the top form to serve a society. With the aim to promoting mental health and psychological well-being among the UAP students, faculty members and staff, the Directorate of Student Welfare Services (DSW) has set up a special service station labeled as Social Counseling Centre (SCC). SCC wishes to ensure that the individuals at UAP remain psychologically and socially healthy during the university years and beyond.

The university provides counseling facilities to the students by an appointed socio-counselor. SCC is the equipped for personal counseling, psychotherapy along with psychological outreach and consultation services. 

Students are the primary focus of SCC. The Center has become quite helpful for students for instances like overcoming frustration from various social, cultural and academic stresses. Sometime a sympathetic ear is all they need when they feel lost and helpless. The services of SCC are also extended to the faculty, staff and even the parents/spouse of the students if and when needed.

In last academic year (fall-18, spring 19), the Social Counselor served 70 students, faculty and staff members. Of them, 40 were males and 35 were females. The total number of service sessions were 318


This center also offers a number of workshops and seminars on different psycho-social issues such as stress and anger management, self- respect and self-confidence, emotional intelligence, forgiveness, meditation, communication, relationship and leadership skills and so on. It also provides training on group dynamics and motivational lectures. Renowned physiatrists and personalities come and deliver speeches time to time on the issues related to mental health.


Socio-Counselling Center Overview


Mission of SCC: 
To promote the psychological, educational, and social well-being of the student of UAP and to help prepare them to be productive members of society. 


SCC is now working with three different levels of prevention method.

Primary Prevention level: SCC arranges multiple awareness programs. For example: Mental health awareness program, psychological assessment programs, drug awareness campaign.

Secondary Prevention level: SCC organizes different mental health related workshops like, stress management, anger management, emotional intelligence. SCC also organizes group therapy for the students where students with similar issues attend group counseling sessions together in a systematic group setting.

Tertiary Prevention level: SCC provides Individual counseling to the student, faculty and staff. The number of the session depends on the nature of the problems of the clients. It can be in between 3 to 14 sessions or more.



Mission & Methods