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Directorate of Student Welfare


The Aim of the University is not only to provide quality education to the students, but also to prepare the students to face the challenges of a highly competitive world outside. Directorate of Student Welfare (DSW) is a meeting point for students of UAP so that they can participate in various co-curricular activities of the university. The primary objective of DSW is to emphasize the wholeness of the university experience through synchronized experience of body, mind and spirit. It emphasizes “outside of classroom learning”. UAP has large numbers of students’ clubs; some are based in respective departments which reflect their specializations, while there are other general clubs managed by DSW.



DSW Team


Air Commodore Ishfaq Ilahi Choudhury (Retd.)




Md. Tarek Khan

Assistant Director




Md. Rakibul Hasan

Socio Counselor



Mr. Sajedul Islam Khan

Administrative Officer

DSW functions

Internship placements, Part-time and Full-time employment

Organizing workshops, seminars and training program

Career Fair and Club Fair

Relationship Development

Supervise all Central Clubs

Facilitate club activities in different occasions

Career Counseling

Walk-in intake/ Crisis intervention

Group, individual and couples/parental counseling

Referral to off-campus mental health service

Provide presentations, guest lecture, and workshops on mental health to students, faculty and stuff