Campus Resources


Each student is counseled by an advisor designated by the department.


A central university library is set up within the campus to cater to the needs of the students. However, students are strongly encouraged to consult other libraries within Dhaka city to pursue their academic work.


UAP is a pioneer among the private universities of Bangladesh in providing state of the art laboratory facilities for the students. The laboratories are self-sufficient and rich in instruments and other facilities to carry out practical classes as well as experimental research. Some of the research work by the faculty and students won awards at home and abroad and were published and acclaimed in international journals. In all, UAP has more than 20 departmental laboratories, 10 computer laboratories and 10 design studios. In addition, it also has an English language laboratory.

The CSE has different up-to-date laboratories, namely: circuit lab, digital lab, physics lab, wireless and optic network lab in addition to its regular computer labs. The CE, in addition to its computer labs, has state-of-the-art labs that are incomparable to the existing labs in the country. These are: Strength of Materials Lab, Structural Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering Lab, Hydraulics Lab, Engineering Materials Lab, Transportation and Traffic Engineering Lab, Geo-technical Engineering Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Surveying Equipment Lab and Chemistry Lab. The pharmacy teaching labs include Biopharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Technology, Physiology, Pharmacology and Microbiology, Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Analysis, Organic, Inorganic or Medicinal chemistry, etc. The research labs in the Department of Pharmacy include: Pharmaceutical Technology Research Lab, Pharmaceutical Microbiology Research Lab and Phytochemistry Research Lab. Recently EEE has established one Circuit laboratory and another Digital and Communication laboratory in addition to existing laboratories.

Recreation Facilities

Every student needs time out to relax and enjoy his educational endeavors. Although full facilities at this moment cannot be provided for want of space, once UAP moves to its own campus, it intends to provide adequate sports and physical exercise facilities for its students, faculties and officials.


Cafeteria facilities in a limited way have been provided within the campus. It makes available, to students, light snacks, lunch and beverage at nominal cost.