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Welcome to the website of our School of Business!

First, let me take you through its brief history: The School of Business was established in 1996-the year, when UAP came into being into the arena of tertiary education in Bangladesh-with its quest for excellence in education. During this past two decades, it has gone through monumental changes as well as challenges in its competitive environment. It started off offering business education in BBA program from one of many scattered campuses in Dhanmondi area. It introduced its MBA and EMBA programs in year 2001 and 2008, respectively. While the number of student enrollment varies year to year in different programs, for the school of business, one thing has never varied: this unflinching commitment towards excellence, towards imparting top quality education that has helped it create a niche for itself in the business education in Bangladesh.

Now in its new location, adjacent to its permanent campus at Green Road, our school offers a landscape of unlimited opportunities. Here, we consider our students our lifeline, our ultimate ambassadors. While they remain committed to their foremost duty of rigorous academic pursuit, we also urge them to involve themselves in co-curricular activities as well for which there are ample opportunities in our school. We have a number of clubs (such as, Club of Finance & Accounting, Marketing Club, Sports Club, Cultural Club) that organize round the year seminars and workshops that are designed to transform their lives, only for the better.

And, our involvement with students does not stop only in classroom interactions; off the class, we meet frequently. We have advisors designated for the students of every semester to listen to their queries, and to their grievances, if any. Besides, we have forged a strong relationship with our alumni and employers that serves our graduates in good stead when it comes to getting internships or job placements in renowned companies of our country.

As we have set our vision to be a premier business school in our country and beyond, as we celebrate more than two decades of our chequered history, we are mindful of the daunting challenges that lie ahead. We, however, remain as steadfast as ever in our commitments to deliver the best of business education that our students will be immensely proud of.

With this, I would like to urge you to join us to embark upon an enlightening journey of a lifetime.

Warm regards,

Department of Business Administration, UAP

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