English Language Club hosted a Workshop "Break the Barriers 2.0: Communicate with Confidence"

The English Language Club of the Directorate of Students’ Welfare (DSW),UAP successfully organized the highly anticipated workshop titled 'Break the Barriers 2.0: Communicate with Confidence' facilitated by the esteemed Emam Hossain, CEO and Founder of Headman Academy, a renowned English language learning institute. The event was held on 30th of April 2024 at the UAP central auditorium with an impressive audience of around 200 students.

The workshop started at 12:30 pm, with Mr. Emam Hossain captivating the audience through an engaging storytelling session. This immersive opener not only captured the student’s attention but also served as a psychological test, as he posed thought-provoking questions related to the story. Following the storytelling segment, he conducted a listening comprehension quiz, testing the participants auditory skills. Students were required to listen attentively as he recited words, numbers, and sentences, and then answer corresponding questions, fostering active listening and comprehension abilities. The highlight of the workshop was an interactive quiz session, where he posed various questions to the audience. This segment proved to be a true confidence booster, as many students were invited to the stage to participate, providing them with a unique opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and gain confidence in public speaking. Mr. Emam Hossain's facilitation style was both dynamic and encouraging, as he presented gifts to participants, even if their answers were incorrect. This gesture not only motivated students to participate actively but also reinforced the notion that the act of participation itself is invaluable.

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks from the adviser of the English Language Club, Dr. Afroza Aziz Suchana, Associate Professor, Department of English at 2 p.m. Dr. Afroza expressed her heartfelt thanks to the facilitator and the participants. Besides, she thanked Dr. A.S.M. Mohsin, Director, DSW, and Ms. Aktarun Yesmin, Administrative Officer, for their constant support in making the event a success.