Call for Research Project (Spring 2022) from IEERD

Last date of submission is: 18 August 2022. Please do not miss the deadline.
Before preparing the proposal, please kindly go through the following documents that are attached.

# Particular Download Link
1 Announcement for research proposal Download
2 Outline for writing research proposal Download
3 Application for research grant Download
4 Time estimate, budget and phases of payment schedule for research Download
5 Aspects of research proposal evaluation and their scores Download
6 Criteria and form for suggesting Field Relevant Potential External Reviewers Download
7 Guidelines for monitoring the progress of IEERD funded research projects and appointment of Research Assistant (if any) Download
8 Format of Research Project Report Download

IEERD provides funding to full time regular faculty members of UAP for quality research projects. IEERD strongly encourages research proposals contained with newness/novelty in the proposed areas of research and methodology that will produce innovative research outcomes publishable in reputed journals/books that are enlisted in acknowledged indices (such as ISI Web of Sciences and Scopus) and presentable in national and international forums. Early and mid-career faculty members and faculty members who did not apply earlier for IEERD Research Grant are especially encouraged to consider applying for research funding.

IEERD’s goal for FY 2022-2023 is to select at least one excellent/good proposal from each one of our nine departments.

IEERD emphasizes funding research projects focusing on the following broad research areas (but not limited to) as defined by the research committee of each individual department of UAP:

1. Sustainable environment for infrastructure development (Civil Engineering)
2. Knowledge-based, outcome-oriented architectural pursuit for the people (Architecture)
3. Technological advancement through innovative computing (Computer Science and Engineering)
4. Result oriented research to improve health through innovative and basic approach (Pharmacy)
5. Sustainable Business in 21st Century (Business Administration)
6. Role of Law and Human Rights in Building a Democratic, Just and Egalitarian Society (Law and Human Rights)
7. Advancing Electronics, Power and Communication Systems for Smart Living (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
8. Language and Literature in times of change (English)
9. Research in Science and Humanities for the Development of Mankind (Basic Sciences and Humanities)

Interested faculty members of UAP are requested to submit research project proposals to the Director of Institute of Energy, Environment, Research and Development (IEERD) by 18 August 2022. Email: and/Or

The subject heading of the email submission should contain following text:

“Application for IEERD Internal Research Grant (2022-2023): PI’s surname and Department”

Please kindly submit three hard copies of the research proposal along with the application to the office of the Director IEERD. As per IEERD policy, all proposals will be reviewed by independent external reviewers.

Please kindly note that IEERD calls for IEERD Research Grant applications two times a year in line with UAP academic calendar (Spring and Fall). The next call for applications for IEERD Research Grant (Fall 2022) will be in January 2023

IEERD is looking forward to receiving your applications for IEERD Research Grant (Spring 2022).