International Advisory Council (IAC) Members

Datuk Hajah Zuraida binti Kamaruddin

Datuk Hajah Zuraida binti Kamaruddin is a distinguished Malaysian politician renowned for her multifaceted roles and affiliations. She has served as a Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC). She also made history as the first woman to serve as Minister of Housing and Local Government (MHLG). She is also a founder and chairwoman of WIRDA, a Community Service Center that provides counseling and protection to needy groups including single mothers, travelers, converts and teens. Outside of her political endeavors, Datuk Hajah Zuraida Kamaruddin's experience in the private sector and her active engagement in community service projects underscore her versatile skills and unwavering commitment to the betterment of society...... [View More]

Dr. William B. Poucher

Dr. William B. Poucher is a Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Baylor University, USA where he taught for 40 years. He also serves as the president of ICPC Foundation which is an organization founded to advance the art and science of competitive programming for the benefit of society. Furthermore, in his role as the Executive Director of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, he played a key role in facilitating opportunities for college-level students striving to master computational problem-solving. His academic specialization includes theory, architecture and software design. Dr. Poucher received his BS degree in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Mathematics of Computing from Auburn University, USA....... [View More]

Dr. Gregory Gordon Hall

Dr. Gregory Gordon Hall is an accomplished architect, educator, and administrator, honored with the Paris Prize and NCARB Award. He is currently serving as an Adjunct Professor at Woxsen University, India. With a wealth of experience spanning academic administration, research, teaching, and accreditation, as well as architecture design and project management, he has made significant contributions at local, regional, and international levels. His teaching portfolio includes universities across Asia, Latin America, Canada, and the US. Additionally, he has held administrative leadership roles both in the US and the Middle East. He has previously taught at Université Laval in Canada, Mississippi State University in USA, and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in USA. He also served as the Founding Dean at the American University of Bahrain (AUBH). He received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, USA and obtained his Ph.D. in Architecture from the University of Hong Kong...... [View More]

Dr. M. Taher A. Saif

Dr. M. Taher A. Saif, the Edward William and Jane Marr Gutgsell Professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's Mechanical Science & Engineering Department, is a distinguished member of the National Academy of Engineering. His research primarily focuses on nanoscale material mechanics and cellular dynamics, employing both theoretical frameworks and experimental approaches. He explores the impact of size on material mechanics and the crucial role of mechanical forces in cellular functionalities. Notably, Professor Saif conducted groundbreaking experiments demonstrating the reversibility of plastic deformation in nanocrystalline metal films, shedding light on material behaviors at the nanoscale. His diverse research interests encompass biohybrid robots, engineered living systems, biomechanics (with a focus on cellular mechanics and mechanotransduction), cancer metastasis, neuro mechanics, deformation mechanisms of nanoscale materials, and the mechanics of Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS). He earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical & Applied Mechanics from Cornell University........ [View More]

Dr. M A Hannan

Dr. Mohammed A. Hannan is a consultant for the Smart Health Initiative of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). He also serves as a consultant to Endo Toxicology Group headed by Dr. James Gomes, Health Sciences Research, Ottawa University. His research interest includes: Genomic Instability, DNA repair/Cell Cycle Defects in Carcinogenesis and Atherosclerosis, Molecular Radiobiology (p53 and other gene expression), Predictive assays for Environmental & Radiation Toxicology, Air Pollution effects and Novel drug Development from Natural Products like Mint. He has received a total of twelve research grants in the USA and Saudi Arabia. He has membership in the following Professional Societies: Genetical Society of England, Society for Advancement of Breeding Research in Asia and Oceania,(Japan), Environmental Mutagen Society( USA), Genetic Toxicology Association (USA), American Soc for Photobiology (USA), American Association of Cancer Research (USA), New York Academy of Science (USA), American Heart Association (USA), American Assoc for the Advancement of Science (USA), Bangladesh Botanical Society (Life Member) and Foreign Fellow of Bangladesh Academy of Science...... [View More]

Dr. Khondaker Miraz Rahman

Dr. Khondaker Miraz Rahman holds the position of Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the School of Cancer & Pharmaceutical Sciences, King’s College London. Prior to his current role, he garnered three years of industry experience before transitioning back to academia. He completed his PhD at the UCL School of Pharmacy, specializing in synthetic medicinal chemistry. Dr. Rahman's research revolves around the utilization of advanced computational chemistry, synthetic medicinal chemistry, and chemical biology methodologies to develop and assess innovative drug-like chemical frameworks with potential applications as anticancer and anti-infective agents. With a prolific academic career spanning over 15 years, he has authored over 90 research publications, holds 15 patents, and possesses extensive expertise in medicinal chemistry and biophysical techniques. He was the CRUK Research Fellow at the School of Pharmacy in the University of London. Previously, he also taught at the University of Dhaka and the University of Asia Pacific in Bangladesh......[View More]


Professor Dr. Mohammad Kabir Hassan, a distinguished figure in finance, serves as Professor of Finance at the University of New Orleans. He holds three prestigious endowed Chairs at the university: Hibernia Professor of Economics and Finance, Hancock Whitney Chair Professor in Business, and Bank One Professor in Business. In 2016, he was honored with the Islamic Development Bank Prize in Islamic Banking and Finance. Dr. Hassan obtained his BA in Economics and Mathematics from Gustavus Adolphus College and earned his M.A. in Economics and Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His expertise spans various areas including development finance, Islamic finance, corporate finance, and international trade. Dr. Hassan's consultancy extends to esteemed organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, and African Development Bank. He also serves as a board member of the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI)....... [View More]

Dr. Saifur Rahman

Professor Dr. Saifur Rahman serves as the inaugural director of the Advanced Research Institute at Virginia Tech, USA, where he holds the Joseph R. Loring professorship in electrical and computer engineering. Additionally, he leads the Center for Energy and the Global Environment. Recognized for his contributions, he is a Life Fellow of the IEEE and recipient of the IEEE Millennium Medal. In 2023, he assumed the role of IEEE President & CEO, following his tenure as president of the IEEE Power and Energy Society in 2018 and 2019. Professor Rahman pioneered the IEEE Electrification Magazine and IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy as founding editor-in-chief. With over 160 journal publications and extensive conference presentations, he has led diverse projects in energy efficiency, blockchain, and sensor integration for esteemed entities including Duke Energy, Tokyo Electric Power Company, and US government agencies. He earned his PhD in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech........ [View More]

Dr. Jungpil Shin

Dr. Jungpil Shin holds the position of professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering and supervises the Pattern Processing Lab at The University of AIZU. He has been an esteemed academician at the university since 1999. His research endeavors focus on pattern recognition, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), image processing, computer vision, and medical diagnosis. Dr. Shin has led over 20 competitive research projects supported by the Japanese Ministry, international collaborations, and The University of AIZU, along with over 3 collaborative ventures with industry partners. With a prolific output, he has authored more than 70 peer-reviewed articles in journals and book chapters and has presented at over 120 national and international conferences. He earned his Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems, from Kyushu University in Japan........ [View More]

Dr. Mohsen A. Issa

Dr. Mohsen A. Issa holds the position of Professor of Civil, Materials, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois Chicago, USA. He also serves as the Director of the Structural and Concrete Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago, which is dedicated to pursuing cutting-edge research on civil engineering structures and concrete materials. His research interest includes: analysis, design, and testing of structural models and prototypes subjected to static, fatigue and simulated seismic loading; development of experimental and analytical techniques for monitoring and rating existing highway bridges to assess and evaluate their physical condition, vulnerability and reliability; development of an optimum structural bridge deck system for rehabilitation (Rapid Replacement of Bridge Decks) and new bridge construction. He earned his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington........ [View More]

Professor Haroon Sattar

Haroon Sattar is a Professor of Interior Design at the School of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Central Missouri, USA. He teaches all levels of Interior Design courses. His research work is focused around understanding and exploring elements and principles to derive design guidelines for educational spaces for children with autism spectrum disorder; such as ergonomics, sensory integration and other spatial needs. He also works as a freelance designer in residential architectural and interior design. He previously served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas. He received his Interior Design degree from Lamar Dodd Schoolof Art, University of Georgia........ [View More]

Dr. Munir Maniruzzaman

Dr. Munir Maniruzzaman holds the position of Chair in International and Business Law at the University of Portsmouth, UK, a role he has held since 2004. Additionally, he is the founding Professor of Law and Director of Research & Postgraduate Research Degrees at the Portsmouth Faculty of Business and Law. Before joining the University of Portsmouth, he served as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Law at Kent Law School, University of Kent, UK, from 1993 to 2004. He has held visiting professorships at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and honorary visiting academic positions at several prestigious universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Dundee, Kent, and London. He has also worked as a Research Fellow at the Hague Academy of International Law in The Hague, The Netherlands. He actively participates in various professional organizations, including the ICC Institute of World Business Law in Paris, the International Law Association (ILA), and two Specialist Groups of the World Conservation Union (IUCN). Additionally, he is a founding member of the IDR GROUP, specializing in international dispute resolution....... [View More]

Dr. M. Obaidul Hamid

Dr. M. Obaidul Hamid is an Associate Professor and Integrity Officer at the School of Education at the University of Queensland, Australia. He pursued education in English literature, applied linguistics, and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). His research delves into the policy and practice of TESOL education in Asia, with a keen focus on the pivotal role of English in personal advancement and societal progress. This keen interest has prompted him to scrutinize policies and practices regarding English as a medium of instruction (EMI), exploring both their academic and societal implications. Employing a blend of qualitative, quantitative, and textual data, his work is deeply rooted in critical perspectives, his diverse academic background, and his personal journey as a transnational individual navigating through life's complexities. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Queensland....... [View More]