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Controller of Exam overview

Controller of Exam overview

The Controller of Examination section of the UAP central administration is responsible for all examination-related activities of the university as well as further related official document storing, maintenance and distribution. The tasks of the office start from preparation of all exams, record keeping, preservation of answer scripts to preparation of grade reports/transcripts/ provisional pass certificates as well as student services regarding official papers. In responsibility of the Controller of exam is one of the most important and highly secured part of the university, yet it needs to be helpful and accessible enough for its student services.

Controller of Examinations

The following documents are prepared and provided by the office of the Controller of Examinations. 

Semester Grade Sheet(s)

Provisional Certificate with Transcript

Original Certificate

Additional Transcript

Duplicate Provisional Certificate

Duplicate Original Certificate

Attestation of Certificate and Transcript

WES form signing and sealed envelope with attested Certificate and Transcript 


Services for Students/Graduates

Examinations Section


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