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UAP Alumni

UAP Alumni



The Alumni are the ambassadors of an educational institution. They thrive to succeed in their respective sectors of expertise and disseminate the worth, praise, and glory of the institution they belonged to.

Getting a degree is not the end of relation with UAP, rather it’s a start. We call it “UAP family”, and alumni are the caring elder brothers and sisters of that family. Not only the current students can be benefited by having a relationship with the alumni, but the alumni need to help and collaborate with each other as well. Therefore having a well-formed Alumni Association can act both as a platform to share and as a catalyst for further development of UAP’s academic environment. UAP is concerned about that and is on its way to form the central Alumni Association (UAPAA). The well-organized alumni association is very effective to get in touch with the industry and working life. It would also help the university to develop an institutional network and university-industry collaboration for promoting research and placement of the graduates.

We wish our alumni will continue to provide their valuable opinions and supports to help us excel.

UAP family: A lifelong relation


UAP is working to form a proper alumni association in a formal manner. The mission of the proposed University of Asia Pacific Alumni Association (UAPAA) is to create an environment in which UAP alumni, i.e. former students stay connected to the university and support it with their work, wisdom, and wealth. The Alumni Association will be implementing its mission in partnership with the University’s Directorate of Students’ Welfare (DSW) as it will engage alumni through programs on and off campus that expand and strengthen the connections between all parties concerned. This engagement will come through educational programs (working with students and faculty), cultural and promotional programs, and other activities. The alumni will be connected with and informed of the University’s programs and activities and create an effective alumni network.

The Alumni Association will engage with current students to share the heritage and traditions of the University and the significant role that they as alumni can play after graduation. The Alumni Association will welcome new students as they enter the University, support them in their time on campus and assist them as they leave campus to enter the outside world.

University of Asia Pacific Alumni Association


In order to create a platform for alumni to be connected with UAP and other fellow UAPians, the university has launched an online Alumni portal ( Initially, the portal wishes to create a database with active participation from the alumni through a formal registration and updating respective information. Eventually, through enthusiastic participation of the alumni, the portal wishes to be a vibrant digital forum with stories to share and events to organize.

As a proud graduate of UAP, you may complete your registration to become a member and get your credential to access and update information.

As a member of UAP Alumni you will get the following benefits:

  1. Networking with other alumni of UAP and updates on the latest news, notice, and events.
  2. You may register for a workshop or event.
  3. You may create a blog or comments on a blog (Condition apply).
  4. Create a lifetime relationship with your University.
  5. Others benefits offer by UAP.


Steps to access Alumni Portal:

Step 1: Click the "GO TO ALUMNI PORTAL" down below               

Step 2: Click on Registration Button

Select appropriate information and submit -> then put your valid email ID. [You will receive login credential on your given email]

Step 3: Log in to the portal with your ID [Registration#] and password (To retrieve/reset your password use the “Forgot password” option).

Step 4: After successful login on to your portal fill-up the form with updated information. You’re required a 300X300 pixel jpg/png/jpeg with white background.

Step 5: And then save.

Database & Alumni Portal