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UAP central authority publishes a tri-monthly newsletter regularly. In cases two volumes of newsletters are combined as one publication in a 6 month semester. The contents of the newsletter comprises of notable activities by students, teachers and authorities of UAP around or beyond the campus. Notable achievements of UAP personnel that are recognized beyond the premise of UAP take special mentions in the newsletter. In addition to that, the public relation department of UAP is assigned to take notes of mentionable events from each departments and make reports in the newsletter. Often selected students of each department help the publication team to gather information. UAP newsletter is one way of getting informed of what happened in other parts of the university.


Newsletter team


The Public Relation Department (PRD) is mainly in charge of the publication of the newsletter with assistance from the central authority.



Air Commodore Ishfaq Ilahi Choudhury (Retd.)

Director, Directorate of Students' Welfare


Co-ordination and Photography

Bachchu Shekh

Assistant Public Relation Officer


Published by

The Public Relation Department (PRD)UAP

UAP Newsletter Overview and Newsletter team