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Student Activities & Tours



The students of the department participate in different sports activities like cricket, football, table tennis, badminton, chess, carrom, etc., arranged by the department or centrally by the university. Civil Engineering Cricket team became runner-up in the Inter-Departmental Cricket Championship in Fall 2011. 


Cultural program:

The students of the department also participate in different cultural programs arranged centrally by DSW or by the Department clubs. Department also regularly organizes farewell and fresher reception program of the concerned students, which is always followed by well coordinated cultural program. 
Besides, several CE students contribute regular write-ups to national newspapers as well as technical and cultural magazines. Some of them also brought out a CD for an audio-drama on Shesher Kabita, a composition by Ravindranath Tagore, a music CD Krishna Kothai and wrote/directed a TV drama, part of which was shot at UAP campus.


Debate competition:

Participating in annual inter-departmental debate competitions is a regular event for the students of CE which brough them success as the debating team from the department became Champion in Fall 2013 edition of the competition.


Annual Picnic

The department arranges picnic each year, which includes all the faculty members and the students of the department. These activities help the students to relax and improve the teacher-student relationship.


Student Forum activities on various sectors

With a pragmatic view to encourage co-curricular activities, creating and sustaining a congenial environment for such activities the CE Department of the UAP has formed The CE Student Forum. This club also aims at undertaking activities to enhance awareness on environmental issues. The activities of this club include arranging sports, debate competitions, cultural programs, arranging the farewell program of graduating students and reception program of the incoming students, publishing magazine / souvenir on various occasions etc. In particular, a CD formed by a ‘Short Film Festival’ performed entirely by the CE students was hugely appreciated. Students also arrange voluntary blood donation program, distributing warm clothes among poor etc regularly.

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Civil Festival

In order to ensure the full development of the students and to help them build up a well-rounded personality and intellectual agility Civil Engineering Students’ Forum (CESF) arranges Civil Festival each semester, which depicts the club activities of the students. The main purpose of organizing the Civil Festival is to bring out the potential of the students alongside their regular academic performance with the support of their teachers and seniors and create a connection among them through the passing of knowledge and experience. 


Magazine publications

Even before establishing the forum, the CE students had published magazines (like Prantik) and wallpapers with write-ups from the students. In 2005, the CE Student Forum published the first issue of the CE students’ publication, Bhumikampa, which included various contributions from the students including write-ups, poems, jokes, cartoons and photographs of student activities. The ‘CE Student Forum’ publishes the subsequent issues of Bhumikampa regularly and recently published the eleventh issue of “Bhumikampa”. The basic objective of the publication is to nurture the writing skills of the students. Besides, the student publication Civil Thoughts has dealt with more serious issues of the Civil Engineering profession and included write-ups and interviews of several professional Civil Engineers and academicians of national and international repute.

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CE Students' activities


Study Tours

Faculty-guided study tours are arranged for students of various years, particularly Final Year. The tours are arranged to locations that carry technical importance for the students of this department. Following are the notable spots that the student visited in last few years:

Teesta Barrage, 

Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge, 

Rangamati suspension bridge, 

Bakkhali rubber dam, 

National Oceanographic Research Institute, 

Site visit category: Power Plant, 

Site visit category: River Research Institute, 

Site visit category: Cement Factories, 

Site visit category: Water Treatment Plant, 

Site visit category: Waste Disposal Site etc

Field Trips 

Individual faculty members initiate and mandate field trips relevant to the project/thesis work for students which they frequently perform in a group. For example in past years, students have visited Sayedabad Water Treatment plant (visual observation) and Shitalakhya River (riverside cleaning and waste accumulation).  



Study Tours and Field Trips

Student Activities & Tours