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Mahfuza Tabassum

Mobile           : +8801304189423

Phone: PABX: +8802-58157091-4

Fax                  : +8802-58157097

Email              :

Degree          : B.Sc. in Engineering (Civil)

University     : University of Asia Pacific

Designation: Lecturer

Institute: University of Asia Pacific

Period: October, 2016- present

CE101                        : Engineering Mechanics I

CE103                        : Engineering Mechanics II

CE104                        : Civil Engineering Drawing II

CE204                        : Quantity Survey Lab

CE205                        : Numerical Analysis & Computer Programming

CE206                        : Computer Programming Lab

CE342                        : Geotechnical Engineering Lab

CE415                        : Structural Engineering V

CE418                        : Computer Applications in Civil and Environmental Engineering

1. Associate member, IEB

2. Member of Routine committee, Department of Civil Engineering

Numerical Modeling

1. Hasan, M. M., Alamgir, A., Siddiqua, A., Tabassum, M., Mehzabin, F. and Anam, I. (2015). “Numerical and Shake Table Analysis of Steel Structures." International Conference on Recent Innovation in Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development, DUET, Gazipur, Bangladesh, December 11-13.